Friday, December 30, 2011

Thinking about getting fit, but do not have any idea of where to start?
At Action Conditioning we help guide your fitness needs; let us help
Here is a mini at home fit test to see where you are at. Please try this at home:
Step 1 = Warm-up well by doing a 5min brisk walk, and practicing the exercises below doing 3-4 reps each.
Step 2 = Give yourself about 90sec rest between exercises.
1st if the 5min walk killed you, then get your butt to AC for some help
2nd if the walk and warm up reps is all you had in the tank, call 403-381-1313; book your free consult
3rd Break out the video camera and video your form/technique during mini fit test
Mini Fit Test:
- 10 Spot On form push-ups from feet that you can be proud to demo in a high school gym
(What to look for in video = if you have butt sag, head poke, nose poke, hands are past your head and not under shoulders, feet and legs jammed together, shoulder blades not tracking, one arm does more work than the other, only going partially down)
- 30sec Super Front Plank Hold on elbows “think someone could eat their breakfast off my back”
Place your feet on some sort of riser or step so that your body is in a flat line when you go into plank.
(What to look for in video = butt sag, feet and legs jammed together,  shoulder blades touching, head is hanging out of neutral alignment)
- A Positive score on Sit and Reach  = aka fingers hover over and past toes; held for 3 sec
“think, if I cannot touch my toes now, sign me up for low back physiotherapy when I am older”
(what to look for in video = really look and feel your starting posture “are you sitting tall or is your back hunched over with straight legs even before you start the test, knees bending to help reach,  you pulled on your toes to help get past, you tried the test three times to get a positive score, you could not hold for 3 sec with fingers in the air, burning sensation in calves, pinch in low back)
* We would love to help you out this year with your fitness goals via our AWESOME Gym, or online training. Please contact us or 403-381-1313.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

  • Reason #7 Why Lifting Ladies and Action 90 programs work so well for women and men who want to shed body fat & improve their lifestyles.
    - A wise man once told me “those who track, stay on track!”
    - So many people go by the scale and only the scale when starting a new fitness program, when there are way more positive measurements to help guide and track progress.
    I hear about so many people who start a fitness kick who jump on the scale after two workouts thinking they will see this miracle weight loss “isn’t going to happen”.
    - Weight loss takes time, as it took time to put the weight on. Additionally, losing weight fast, will only come back to haunt you as your body will just throw it back on due to severe hormonal breakdown.
    - In our AC programs we help individuals set successful goals in private consultations.
    - We teach how to measure specific body parts and sites to help track inches lost and why!
    - In tracking inches lost, you can see and feel many benefits like:
    - Insulin control
    - Carbohydrate usage
    - hormonal balance
    - “ The Shorts Hike” = Yes the best functional measurement we all see in class is the infamous “Shorts Hike” = my clients are constantly pulling their shorts and pants up during their workouts because they keep falling off! NOW THAT IS TRACKING IN A POSITIVE WAY
    Here are a few tracking measures we do at AC
    - Body caliper hormonal testing (booked appointment, private)
    - Specific body part girth measurements (waist, hips, arms, ect)
    - Athletic performance measurements (strength, endurance, power, speed, flexibility, ect)
    - Metabolic type testing (what foods work for you and your metabolic type)
    - Nutrition Prescription: food journalling (do you really know how much you are eating?)
    In the end we like to see Positive changes in all areas; we want you to stay in the driver’s seat, so you LEARN how to keep moving forward.
    We also want to show you that positive measurements are great, but one can also see a positive in a negative measurement. Example; you gained 1 inch on your waist. Now you need to turn into your own Sherlock Holmes, look back into your food journals, did you over or under eat? Were you doing all the cardio and did you hit all the workouts? When you find the setback, it will have a lesser chance to turn into a habit and that is positive information!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Reason #6 Why Lifting Ladies and Action 90 programs work so well for women and men who want to shed body fat & improve their lifestyles.
- Our programs are designed towards improvement in all areas of life and health. Each program has been tailored towards a specific goal. In all programs the heart is always one of our main focuses.
- Research has found that when training total body workouts, three times per week, for three months (90days), demonstrated a decreased in diastolic blood pressure (bottom number) by an average of 8 points!
- This 8 point reduction is enough to lower the risk of a heart attack by 15% and lower a stroke chance by 40%! In 90 days!
- Give the gift of health and life to yourself or another this holiday season. Register for one of our many great programs.
Make the decision to start living a healthier life today.
- More info at

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Reason #5 Why Lifting Ladies and Action 90 programs work so well for women and men who want to shed body fat & improve their lifestyles.
- Osteoporosis is becoming more prevalent in our population these days for poor nutrition and lack of physical activity. After the age of 35 men and women can lose up to 0.3-0.5% each year and can get worse is lifestyle is poor.
- Our programs at Action Conditioning help to battle osteoporosis by incorporating proper weight training, flexibility, core conditioning, lifestyle coaching and sound nutrition.
- Lifestyle change = it is that simple. You must adopt sound nutrition and supplementation.
- Men who have low testosterone are at risk as well= weight training helps boost T levels and those T levels are needed for bone density
- Women with lower estrogen levels are at risk because bone density needs estrogen = lifting weights will produce more testosterone levels and due to the body’s natural balancing ability, estrogen levels will increase from the increase in T levels; creating balance.
- speaking of BALANCE = those who fall with osteoporosis tend to have severe breaks and in a lot of cases can lead to death = weight training will also increase BALANCE and SPACIAL AWARENESS limiting the risk of falls.
- Weekend Warriors = we all want to get into shape, but please do not go out and think you can run a 10k or half marathon or jump right into your old weight training program if you have been inactive for a long time. WHY? There really are not any signs or symptoms of osteoporosis other than pain.
Please go see a Doctor prior to starting exercise and have a consultation with a personal trainer to help set up a program that can get you started....doing the later will just get you injured and most likely not wanting to train again.
- Research states that a 12-16week resistance training program can increase bone density and levels of osteocalcin up to 19%!
- Contact us for help at = 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Reason #4 Why Lifting Ladies and Action 90 programs work so well for women and men who want to shed body fat & improve their lifestyles.
- Yes! Those who take part in a program that involves weight training will trigger some positive hormones that will have you making some positive food and lifestyle choices because your brain is HAPPY :-)
WHY? You are in a positive atmosphere, lifting weights, having fun and burning calories during and after training. This process has your brain throwing a huge happy party with its best friend's; endorphins, dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine....making you feel great!
Now that you're feeling great, you will be less tempted by the dark side to eat 45 mini cookies at supersonic speed and more tempted to look for something healthy.
A positive change WILL occur!
NUTRITION = is taught in our A90 programs, and is also a stand alone program for those who need nutrition help via our "Nutrition Prescription".
Learn more at

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Reason #3 Why Lifting Ladies and Action 90 programs work so well for women and men who want to shed body fat.
Proper weight training and lifting weights will increase the number of calories you burn, EVEN after you leave the gym!
HOW? After your weight training session, your body must recover and repair the damaged muscle tissue you broke down during training (more on this process later). During this process you are using up calories to help with repair and growth, hence more caloric burn. Now your newly repaired muscles remember the workout session prior and increase their capacity to do work; now your burning calories faster, without training from your new hungry muscles!
Plus those lift weights will have a increased fat burning rate compared to those who do not.
Research states weight training can increase your caloric burn for up to 40+hrs AFTER your workout.
SO get your butts into the gym and learn to weight train from our fully certified trainers and kinesiologists!

Friday, December 09, 2011

Reason #2 Why Lifting Ladies and Action 90 programs work so well for women and men who want to shed body fat.
Reseach shows, between the ages 30 and 50 the body starts to waist away losing muscle, and replacing it with visceral fat (fat that is around the organs) and subcutaneous fat (fat just under our skin). This is how someone can stay the same weight (from musc...le loss) and look like crap in their clothes (from added V & S fat).
1lb of fat will takes up 17-19% more space on your body than hard earned muscle! This is why your clothes will fit better :-)
- Some of you starting a weight training program will complain of your clothes getting tighter....GOOD! That means it's working! The muscle is being trained and repairning itself, pushing onto the S-Fat on that sits on top of of the muscle. Most people quit at this stage thinking, "I get huge when I lift weights!" This is a myth ladies and gentelmen!
Train our style for 90days....& BAM S-Fat is gone, V-Fat is lowered and your clothes...ahhhh slipping on like Cinderella's slipper :-)
SO lift weights People....let us show you how!
Register for our programs at 

For the next 10 days I will give 1 reason per day why our Lifting Ladies and Action 90 programs work so well for women & men wanting to shed body fat!
#1 LIFT WEIGHTS.....then right way!
-you will lose 40% more pure fat, than doing cardio alone.
-Why? Doing just cardio will burn fat yes, but only for a certain time. After a while the body will start to use muscle for you will loose mu...scle. Yes your scale will drop, but so will your skin. I will not even get into the crappy mood swings!
-Lifting weights will help to burn pure fat!
-Lifting weights will raise your met rate for hours after a workout session, burning more fat!
-We train the muscles to get HUNGRY, to use fat for fuel, even after you train.
-Having this new strength from lifting weights will boost your cardio levels, taking your cardiovascular system to new levels!....again burning more fat!
-Plus you will simply look dam good! We are all after that!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

PUMPKIN PIE OATMEAL SHAKE!Great post workout meal


1 cup water infused with chia tea
Coconut milk ¼ cup unsweetened
Old fashioned large flake oats ½ cup
Vanilla protein powder 1-2 scoops (20-30g)
1tbsp cinnamon
Banana 1 cup sliced

PRE: 1.) have the oatmeal already cooked and cooled off in the fridge
2.) have the chia tea steeping in a jug of water in the fridge, nice and cold
SHAKE READY:Place the above ingredients into a blender. For a smoother consistency, add some ice cubes or if too thick add some more water.
Blend this bad girl up until it is all smooth.
*TIP: if you making the shake make more than one for tomorrow :-)
*TIP #2: OATMEAL STYLE if you do not want to make this a shake, simply have the oatmeal hot as a dish. Mix up and poor the protein mixture on the oatmeal. Now place the bananas ontop with the cinnamon as the topper :-) BAM!

Serves 1 large or 2 small.
Nutritional Information

(per serving) LARGE / SMALL
Calories (k/cal) 371 / 218.8
Fat (g) 4 / 2
Carbohydrates (g) 53.9  / 26.9
Protein (g) 30 / 20

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Going to ground turkey and giving ground beef a little break is always a good idea to change this up, plus keep you in your prescribed daily personal fat macronutrient allowance.

Give these yummy treats a try :-)

1lb ground turkey breast
5 mushrooms, chopped
1/2 small onion, chopped
1/2 apple, chopped
1/2 tbsp coconut oil
1 tsp lemon juice
1 omega 3 egg
1/2 tsp salt
any spices you want (garlic, pepper)
Fry up the onions how you like them (a little browned), then add in the apples and mushrooms stir fry style.
Place all the other ingredients into a large bowl and mix. Now form 2 large patties and broil 4 inches from the heat (6-8min per side).
Pierce the burgers with a fork, if the juices run clear they are done :-)

Men 2 patties  / Ladies 1
Calories 367k/cal
Protein 58g
Carbohydrates 11g
Fat 9g

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Cardio Help "Obstacles"

Katrina and I on location at Lethbridge College hitting up their awesome obstacle course.
We both had our ESD conditioning today and this really fit the engergy zone!
If you are bored with your cardio, check out your local town, you might find some hidden sweet spots to train!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


A great exercise that helps with all sports?
What sports can you see getting better with this exercise?
TIP: change things up by raising the feet anchor and slipping your glutes more off the bench :-O
Love it:-)

Monday, August 22, 2011

80lbs lost and counting!

This is my client Phil who has lost 80lbs in 2 month and 2weeks!In the video are two exercises out of the 5 we did that day in our circuit for workout number 1.Workout number 2 was a body weight metabolic workout....phil' favorite :-)Way to go buiddy, I am super proud of you. I have no doubt you will attain your goals!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

TEST YOURSELF!!! It is not only about the time and ranking.

In fitness and in life we have grown to be incredibly hard and negative on ourselves, always challenging and comparing to past situations, times, events, scores, results and people. WHY? Why do we always look to compare ourselves after a hard effort, or run time, or another person when the first thing you should be doing is rewarding yourself for your hard excellent effort!

I have seen this too many times; an individual gives 100% on a abdominal test, only to say when finished, "that sucked". I ask "why?" They respond, "I used to do this many and my friend can do way more."

There is NO positive self pat on back at all when finished for positive growth, it goes straight to negativity, manifesting more unhealthy situations in the future towards becoming healthy; the outcome being the "roller coaster effect" of ups, downs, starts and finally stops.

Is some sort of comparison ok and healthy? Yes when you think you're ready.....In my point of view and personal experience in sport and fitness, one should challenge themselves first, get to a positive place within and towards their body, this will help growth and build confidence as an individual prior to challenging anything else.

Simply put, the effort you give towards your fitness or anything in life, should be rewarded by you and you alone and be proud of it!

For those that are ready to see 1.5mile rankings look below.

1.5mile Run Test….why do we test this? Is it just for a time?
Our Order of Importance:
1.) challenge a fear of getting uncomfortable
2.) show yourself desire and that you can do it!
3.) conquer your old negative self
4.) manifesting the person you see in your mind’s eye!
5.) be proud of what you just accomplished
6.) test your current fitness level
7.) challenge a past time
8.) rank yourself amongst an age group

Friday, July 01, 2011


NUTRITIONAL HOME SELF HELP TEST: write down everything you eat on a regular day. *try not to be the eating clean super hero on this day and eat the best you have eating in 10years! This will not give forth any valuable information to grow from.

STEP 1 = scribe one day food that is similar to what you eat daily

STEP 2 = make a 7 column worksheet AFTER you have scribed your daily meals. Place these
Marcronutrients as your column titles = Protein, Veggies, Fruits, Starchy Carbs, Fat, Real Food, Fake Food

STEP 3 = analyze your food and mark down what your eating under the macro columns.
*TIP = nuts, seeds, nut butters fall under the FAT marcro title. Yes these do have trace amounts of protein, but do not contain full spectrum amino acids to be defined as a whole protein source.

- your starchy carbs and fruits are usually the high numbers and protein, veggies and fat are non existent!
Furthermore your Fake Food column is one of your highest numbers.

- simply start to switch out your starchy carbs replacing them with veggies.
- start to add 1 protein meat source with each meal
- begin to add some healthy fats with each meal e.g. nuts, seeds, olive oil, coconut oil, fish oil
- Do this NOW; overhaul your pantry and throw out all that Fake Food processed crap like, crackers, sugary cereals, cookies, treats...really anything that comes in a box or has ingredients that would make you fail a spelling test! Time to eat whole mother earth foods!
*If anyone needs help with their nutrition, please email so we can get you back on track and back to action!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

PW Post workout Shake

Popeye and Olive Oyl PW Shake

1 cup Spinach (super food)
1 cup Raspberries
1 cup greek yogurt
1/2 cup milk (low fat or even unsweetened coconut milk)
1/4 cup Cashews
2 scoops (close to 50g) Protein Powder
2 tbsp Goji Berries

- Combine all ingredients together and blend up until desired consistency.
- NO you cannot taste the Spinach in the shake
*Spinach is one of the Super Foods I recommend for its:
- low alkalinity on the body
- anti-inflammatory
- vitamins & minerals
- Popeye and Olive Oly ate it has to be super!
*Lower the calories or lactose intolerant, use water instead of milk or coconut milk
*Want a Popeye boost with vitamins and minerals add 3 cups Spinach (get those veggies in)

Shake Info FULL / HALF
Calories    780 / 390
Protein      70g / 35g
Carbs        80g / 40g
Fat            20g / 10g

Saturday, June 04, 2011


45min - 1hr Post workout
prep time 3min 10sec
1 cup low fat milk
1/4 cup coconut milk
1/2 cup large flake oats
1/4 cup h2o
1 scoop (25g) vanilla whey protein
1/2 banana

- bring milk, and coconut milk to a light boil using medium heat
- add oats, reduce heat to med low, simmering for 7-10min (you are looking for milk to absorb) stir from time to time
- with about 2min left before oatmeal is done, add 1/2 of the banana to infuse the oats with flavor
- add h2o and protein powder into a separate bowl, whisk this up to your own consitency
- finish by pouring protein mix onto oatmeal and top with banana chunks or slices

*Nutritional InfoServes            1 large or 2 small
calories k/cal     523    /   261
fat g                 16.7    /    8.3
carbs g             53.9   /    26.9
protein g          39.4   /    19.7

TIPS: - if lactose intolerant replace the milk with water and 1/2 scoop p-powder. OR if you have been doing your homework in reguards with what works best in your body, sub in; goats milk or yogurt
- do not like coconut :-(
Simply take it out, cook oats with water, but you MUST add some fat to this oatmeal to remain in hormonal balance and not turn too acidic. Add 1-2 tbsp natural nut butter (in photo)

*Need help with your nutrition or workout program;
get in contact with me at

Friday, May 27, 2011


Apple Cinnamon Tacos are a great POST workout snack, plus will help those with their sweet tooth.
Studies show that the body handles processing carbohydrates the best right after exercise ( try not to go longer than 45min after post exercise to eat your post workout meal).
If weight loss is your goal, try to have your highest carbohydrate meal after you exercise to help replenish and repair your body. Throughout the day moderate your carb intake and keep notes on how well your body is doing with the carbohydrates you are eating. You can look at inches lost, fitting into a smaller jean size, belt is getting looser, body fat percent is lower....try to focus on 1 or 2 of these. Always going to the scale to weigh yourself is not the best option here, plus it will drive you and your trainer crazy!

Apple Cinnamon Tacos
3 large apples, peeled and cored
1 tsp cinnamon
¼ tsp allspice
2-3 tsp Agave nectar
1/8 tsp nutmeg
8 scoops vanilla protein powder
Water as necessary
12 small tortillas (Ezekiel tortillas)

Preheat oven to 350°F. On a cutting board, core and peel 3 large apples, cutting the apples into small chunks; now place into a mixing bowl. Add cinnamon, allspice, agave nectar and nutmeg to the apples and mix together.

Next, mix in 8 scoops of protein powder, one scoop at a time. You might need to add a tiny bit of water to get your desired consistency.

Next, take tortillas and with a brush, spread water over one side of each tortilla. Now, sprinkle each tortilla with a dash of cinnamon.

Simply bend tortilla as needed, shaping it into a taco, now add equal amounts of the apple mixture into the tortillas. Place a tooth pic through the tortillas to hold then into pace. When finished, place into the oven and bake until the tortillas appear crispy and the insides are warm, usually around 15 minutes.

Take out of the oven and allow to cool.
TIP: wrap these up and store in the freezer. It is always best to be prepared for your months workouts.

(per serving)
Calories 202 kcal
Protein 14 g
Carbohydrate 32 g
Fat 2 g
Makes 12 servings.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Eat These Breakfast Meals to Help With Fat Loss!

In my last email I talked about the 4 POOR breakfast meals that will hinder your fat loss and actually make you gain fat! Especially the Empty Plate Breakfast, this will lead to cravings and eating poorly later in the day, telling your body to hold onto fat as you are staving it of vital nutrients.
So what are some GREAT Breakfast Meals to help with Fat Loss? Here are TWO!

Prepared and Ready

Breakfast #1 Omelet with Mixed Greens salad, nuts and seeds, avocado and a little olive oil
- Great protein (40% plate protein and fats)
- proper calories (60% plate veggies!)
- NO starch
- Great Veggies
- Proper healthy Fats (nuts, seeds, avocado)
A great option for Breakfast fast!
Eating this way will keep your hormones balanced, keep you full for 3-4 hours and curb any cravings for junk; keeping you on fat loss track!

Quick and Easy Breakfast

Breakfast #2 - Super Shake- Great protein
- proper calories
- Great Veggies (add veggies! or use a scoop of Green Plus as alt substitute)
- Good Fruits
- Proper healthy Fats (Flaxseed oil)
A great quick option for Breakfast fast!
*Keep caution; you need to add fat and Protein to help slow down the digestion process of the carbohydrates* if you do not, fat loss goes bye bye!
*YES add cooked veggies to this shake, you cannot even taste them. I have used everything from Yams, Green Beans, Spinach, Cauliflower, Broccoli and I cannot taste them!

Super Shake
- 1-2 scoops Protein power (caution purchase a healthy P-Powder with no preservatives, additives, GMO )
- 3-5 ice cubes (depends on thickness)
- 1/2 cup water or add more for desired thickness
- 1/2 cup fruit (your choice; I love blueberries)
- 1/2 cup (ladies) 1 cup (Guys) veggies ( or use 1 scoop Greens Plus as an alternate substitute. *If you do this add another 1/2 cup of fruit and monitor your fat loss)
- 1-2tbsp Flaxseed oil
- Blend it all up and drink it down (if you have to hold your nose, you need some help making this shake!)

*TIP: if your protein power tastes like the Best Chocolate bar on the PLANET and you are gaining weight from it.......please put two and two together.....this is too good to be true!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fat Loss is your Goal; Start your day off right with these tips

If your main goal is Fat Loss, starting your day off right with a proper breakfast is vital.
I am going to show you 4 types of common breakfasts that people eat and think they are making the wise choice.
-The 4 breakfasts below will stop your fat loss and increase your fat gain! ** Tomorrow I will post some Top Fat Loss Breakfast ideas to start your day off RIGHT!
-Choose the breakfast you eat regularly and read why this will hinder your fat loss.

"The No time grab and go Breakfast Sandwich"

Breakfast #1 =  Very high in carbohydrates
Low in Protein
Poor fat choice
High in calories!
No veggies!
Made from process junk with no food value.
*If fat loss is your goal, make the change to better this option.

"Old Fashioned Breakfast"

Breakfast #2 =Very high in Calories!
Poor fat choices
Very High in carbohydrates!
No Veggies!
*If fat loss is your goal, make the change to better this option.


"I think This is Healthy Regular Breakfast"
Breakfast #3Very low in Protein!

Very high in Calories!
Very high in Carbohydrates!
Very high in sugar!
Low in good fats.
No Veggies!
*If fat loss is your goal, make the change to better this option.

NO Breakfast!
Breakfast #4
NO Protein!
NO Calories!
NO Carbohydrates!
NO good Fats!
NO veggies!
*If fat loss is your goal, this is not the way!

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Action 90 Couple Results

Check out these before and after Action 90 photos!
And can you believe these two went on a vacation during Action 90! So this is really 70days!
See more pictures on our facebook page
>> JP>> day 1 / day 90
>> Chest 45.5" / 41.75"
>> Right Arm 15.5" / 14.25"
>> Left Arm 15.25" / 14.25"
>> Waist 45.5" / 37.75"
>> Belly Button 45" / 40.5"
>> Hips 44.25" / 40.5"
>> Right Thigh 26" / 24.5"
>> Left Thigh 25.75" / 24.5"
>> Right Calf 17" / 16.25"
>> Left Calf 17" / 16.25"
>> Weight 232# / 202#
>> Total Lost: 26.25" / 30#

>> Cherie>> day 1 / day 90
>> Chest 35.5" / 34.5"
>> Right Arm 12" / 11.25"
>> Left Arm 12" / 11.5"
>> Waist 28.75" / 27.5"
>> Belly Button 34.5" / 31.25"
>> Hips 37" / 33.25"
>> Right Thigh 22" / 20.75"
>> Left Thigh 22" / 21"
>> Right Calf 13.75" / 13.5"
>> Left Calf 13.5" / 13.25"
>> Weight 130# / 121#
>> Total Lost: 13.25" / 9#
We are currently running our May-July Action 90 program now.If you want to be a part of the A90 fitness journey, the next Action 90 starts in September.
Until that time! The most successful people in Action 90 have taken the Intro to Action 90.
INTRO to Action 90 will be starting in June. This is a 90 day intro program designed help build the body`s foundation for A90. Having this foundation built will start those people off day 1 at 100% for even greater results!
Stay posted to for the registration link.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Question:I am a middle aged mom and I have been trying to lose weight with running for over a year. I cannot seem to lose any weight and am extremely frustrated. I want to use weights but do not want to get big, plus I am embarrassed to say I do not know how to use weights or machines. All my girlfriends run, but hate weights. Can you help me with a direction to take and a little info on why I can't lose weight?

Great question! Picture go into a fitness facility and the cardio machines are full of women and men fighting the fight to lose those extra fat pounds.....but this is the extent of their fight! No weight training, doing the same cardio workout and eating the same diet they lost 10lbs on 14years ago!
There are a numerous areas to look at here to help you improve, so lets look at these for now:
What is your nutrition like?
How long are your cardio sessions and how many days per week?
What is the intensity of your cardio, 5 easy - 10 really hard?
A  few questions to be answered here, but you can see the point. Aerobic exercise solo just doesn't cut it with fat loss, it needs to have a few more partners for help:
1.) Weight Lifting = iincorporating weight training into your program will create some FAT HUNGRY MUSCLE (not huge muscles ladies, this is a myth). you body will turn into a fat burning machine as your metabolic rate rises from weight training! Muscles burn fat! After a good weight training session your metabolic rate will stay up for hours burning fat.
2.) Nutrition! = 90% of the fitness ball game is what you eat.
3.) Anaerobic interval training = yes aerobic cardio is good, but most find a comfort zone in which they run in....this comfort zone will not burn that much fat (the mysterious fat burning zone....yes your still looking for it) as you are not bringing any intensity in your session. Try getting out of your comfort zone and start burning more fat by introducing anaerobic intervals to your cardio. The more you mix it up, the less your body adapts to the workout and the body keeps guessing, helping the body burn fat.
* Circuit training with weights is a another fantastic way to hit some anaerobic intervals and you will still hit your aerobic conditioning while lifting weights.... a 3 in 1 BANG for your fat BUCK!
Here is a great journal article; have a read

Effect of Diet and Exercise, Alone or Combined, on Weight and Body Composition in Overweight-to-Obese Postmenopausal Women.

439 obese women were split into four groups:
- Nutrition only
- Aerobic exercise only
- Nutrition plus aerobic exercise
- Control group
The diet group lost 8.5% of their starting weight over the course of a year (hmm nutrition does work!)
The aerobic exercise group lost only 2.4% (no proper nutrition only aerobic cardio))
The diet plus exercise group lost 10.8%....(only a small increase from nutrition only!)
Why do you think this was only a small increase? = Because it was only aerobic and NOT anaerobic cardio! Plus the cardio was not partnered with weight training...(you need all four to see results!)
You can see in the article nutrition is VITAL for fat loss. When coupled with aerobic exercise its increase is minimal for fat loss! This demonstrates that aerobic exercise alone does not give optimal fat burning results.

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Tuesday, April 05, 2011


Most commonly, sweet cravings occur due to an improper protein/carbohydrate ratio in the diet, usually erring on the side of insufficient protein and fat. When your body's cells get the wrong fuel mix for their genetic-based needs, deficient energy production in the cells results, and this is then communicated through the mind as a craving for sweet (quick energy). In its own language, your body tells you in no uncertain terms whether or not it received the right fuel from your last meal. When you eat the right food for your type, and when the proportions of proteins and fats to carbohydrates is what it should be, your body will respond favorably: You'll feel satisfied. You'll feel replenished. Your energy level will increase slightly. Your mental clarity and your mood will improve somewhat. On the other hand, if the protein/carbohydrate ratio was wrong for you at that meal, your body will also communicate that to you in its own "language:" You may not feel satisfied; you may be still hungry, even though you may be physically full. You might develop a food craving, especially for something sweet. Your energy levels may drop, or you might feel uncomfortably hyper. Or, your mood may worsen, becoming depressed, angry, irritable, anxious, etc. It's been said that the strongest drug one can take is food! So, to get the right effect and STOP food cravings, make sure you take the right "drug,"

If you want need help with food or food cravings Action Conditioning offers personal Metabolic Typing to help dial the special foods unique to you and your body type.
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Online programs are also available.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


When: Saturday April 9th / 10:15am is Workout demonstration

Who: All clients of Action Conditioning can participate & coaches

Two Levels: Intermediate and Novice

3 workouts: A90 Special / 500 / Ladder to the Top (these are posted in the gym)

Prizes: for Top 3 males and females in both categories
After Party....oh yeah! Everyone is invited, kids and significant others....bring an appitiser. Location is on the board at AC.

For all those who are just finihing there Action 90 programs this will be your peaking phase, the perfect time to test how far your fitness has come.

Sign up at Action Conditioning

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Measuring cardio machine workouts:

Heart Rate Zones & RPE VS Caloric burn?

Are cardio machines giving us valued information when our workout is completed? When we are finished our treadmill or bike workouts we get a wide array of calculations like, heart rate average, estimated 1mile time, but the most widely used informative tool everyone uses to track how hard they worked is calories burned.

The question is how should you be judging your workouts? Should you base them on calories burnt? Or should you base them on intensity via Heart Rate Zones and or RPE “Rate of Perceived Exertion”?

Using calories burnt is not the most optimal measurement when assessing your workout productivity at the gym, as this it is not very accurate. The cardio machine you are using bases your calorie burn on; weight, age and gender. Yes this simple mathematical equation programmed into the machine will give a more dialled in caloric estimate, that being said an individual might be burning more calories (or less) than what the machine is actually showing, as the machine really has no idea how hard you are working to measure energy expenditure accurately.


Two males are on the treadmill, they are the same age and the same weight and both run at the same level number, one male is average fitness, medium height, has lost some fat and has put on some muscle in the past 8 months of training. The other male has been training for 1 month, tall, narrow shoulders, low fitness level, large prominent abdomen....who will burn more calories calculated by the cardio machine? They will burn the same amount! The machine does not account that they have different body compositions (muscle mass & fat mass), endocrine types and fitness levels. So one of these males would burn more calories in the real world, but on the machine it would not show and they would burn the same, thus showing the missing links cardio machines do not factor in.

Is this really the way to train? Yes watching the calories go by does have some merit, but to me watching the numbers go by is like watching an episode of Desperate Housewives; boring! Plus most people are so overwhelmed with what they eat and it’s caloric content, that cardio has now turned into mathematics, because you’re now subtracting the Coco puffs and Mini Chocolates you at earlier that day instead of focusing on increasing your health and fitness through proper conditioning.

One of the best ways to replace calories burned as your workout critic is to focus on Intensity via Heart Rate Zones and RPE “Rate of Perceived Exertion”. Not only will you have a great workout, you will start to increase the knowledge on how well your body is reacting to its new conditioning. Most importantly you will have some new numbers based on your most valued machine; your heart!

Zones and RPE are another two fantastic ways to replace calories burned and they both go hand in hand as you will see in the example below. These levels will have to be adjusted as your fitness levels rise and your heart becomes a more efficient machine. Remember everyone will have different Zones and RPE values based on individual fitness levels. Intensity and getting “comfortable with uncomfortable” (my coach’s favorite saying) will be one of the key elements you will use in attaining increased fitness.


Heart Rate ZONES
220-age = __________Max Heart Rate
MHR x 65% =_________bpm Low Zone 1
MHR x 74% =_________bpm High Zone 1
MHR x 75% =_________bpm Low Zone 2
MHR x 84% =_________bpm High Zone 2
MHR x 85% =_________bpm Low Zone 3
MHR x 90% =_________bpm High Zone 3
MHR x 91% =_________bpm Low Zone 4
MHR x 96% =_________bpm High Zone 4

What are the Zones supposed to feel like?
RPE = Rate of Perceived Exertion (Using Levels 5 – 10)

Zone 1 = RPE 5-6 you are able to hold a conversation (warm-up & meditative cardio)
Zone 2 = RPE 6-7 holding a conversation is not easy but can get out some short burst words (this is usually when the trainer gets called a nasty name)
Zone 3 = RPE 7-8 difficult to talk because you’re focused on working HARD
Zone 4 = RPE 9-10 not talking, difficult to speak clearly because you’re sprinting from a bear!

How do you use the Zones & RPE?
You could wear a Heart Rate Monitor or base your workout on an RPE scale of intensity. I like to do both and keep notes on heart rate zones and staying in a zone for an entire workout.

A.) Run 30min @ Zone 1(RPE 5-6)

OR try an interval workout

B.) Run 20minutes using the 5min intervals
2min @ Zone 2 (RPE 6-7)
1min @ Zone 3 (RPE 7-8)
Recover 2min @ Zone 1 (RPE 5-6)
Stuck on calories burnt; try this:
If you are stuck on calories burnt, try using this method I use when I program my clientele. I integrate calories burnt by choosing a specific caloric target marker to attain in a run, bike or row.


A.) Row 18 calories AFAP “as fast as possible” x 5 sets; Rest 45sec b/t rowing sets. (Now calories are a target and not focused food burning)

Here is another way to use calories burnt

B.) Complete 3 Rounds for time
Run 15 calories
15 Ring Dips
9 Power Cleans
30 Double Unders

In the above examples I am using the calories burned as a target in the workout instead of an estimation of how much food calories you have burnt off.

Remember calories burnt are an option, but not the best option. Start to focus your conditioning on improving your body in all aspects. You will see a greater fitness level achieved and the reward will be a more vitalized healthier body!

Programming is available through

Saturday, March 05, 2011

TOTAL BODY CONDITIONING: Exercise of the month

You want a total body move you can do at home to help gain strength, power, increase balance and improve flexibility! Try this out!
Lateral Pressed Lunges: with balanced finish & flexibility

Stand tall, abdominals cued, db's set in press position

Lateral Lunge to the side maintaining your upright posture.
Remember to keep your weight on your lunge foot to the heel, hitting the major muscles, keeping as upright as you can, abdominals tight.
Play around with the foot angle on the lunge side for your optimal landing and pushing position.
Once your set firm in the lunge, Press the Db's up and over head, making sure to elevate (think shoulders to ears) shoulders up and set.
Your other leg will stay straight to help stretch out the muscles: Adductors, Sartorius and Gracilus.

Finish by exploding off your lateral lunge foot back to standing position balancing on one foot, while keeping the Db's locked overhead. You will start the lunge push off from the heel, finishing with a toe push.
Once in the standing position, slowly lower Db's to Start position, keeping your lunge leg up in the air. Now start the next rep with lunge leg still in air.
Perform 12 reps/ leg
Keep the lowering "negative" motion of the exercise slower than the lifting "positive" pressing/pushing motion.

*Need a home workout or want to spice up your old program. Contact me at

Monday, February 28, 2011


Almond Oil = Salad dressings, sauces, sautéing, body care. Refrigerate.
Black Currant Seed Oil = Nutritional supplement. Not for cooking or dressings. Refrigerate.
Borage Oil = Nutritional supplement. Not for cooking or dressings. Refrigerate.
Butter (salted) = Baking and spread. Salted butter is much harder to digest than unsalted. Refrigerate.
Butter (unsalted) = Baking and spread. Goes rancid more quickly than salted butter. Refrigerate.
Canola Oil = Baking, sautéing, sauces, salad dressings. Usually chemically contaminated. Not recommended unless organic.
Coconut Oil = Baking, frying, body care. Tasteless. Does not need refrigeration but keep cool.
Corn Oil = Baking, salad dressings. Often pesticide contaminated. Highly processed. Not recommended.
Cottonseed Oil = Is often found in prepared and processed foods. Almost always chemically contaminated. TOXIC - DO NOT INGEST.
Evening Primrose Oil = Nutritional supplement. Not for cooking or dressings. Refrigerate.
Fish Oils = Nutritional supplement. Not for cooking or dressings. Refrigerate.
Flaxseed Oil = Nutritional supplement. Can be used for salad dressings. Refrigerate.
Ghee (clarified butter) = Baking and frying. Does not need refrigeration but keep cool.
Hemp Oil = Nutritional supplement. Not for cooking or dressings. Usually contaminated. Not recommended unless certified organic.
Margarine = Is sold for use as spread and for cooking. Harmful synthetic substance; false health claims. Not recommended.
Olive Oil = Salad dressings, marinades, wine sauces, sautéing. Does not need refrigeration but keep cool.
Palm Kernel Oil = Baking and frying. Does not need refrigeration but keep cool.
Peanut Oil = Baking, frying, sauces, marinades. Almost always contaminated. Not recommended unless certified organic.
Safflower Oil = Baking, sautéing, salad dressings, sauces. Does not need refrigeration but keep cool. Buy “high oleic” variety.
Sesame Oil = Baking, sautéing, salad dressings, sauces. Does not need refrigeration but keep cool.
Sunflower Oil = Salad dressings and sauces. Does not need refrigeration but keep cool. Buy “high oleic” variety.
Wheat Germ Oil = Nutritional supplement. Not for cooking or dressings. Refrigerate.
Buy only cold-pressed oils and if you can purchase organic. Do not buy oils in clear glass or plastic bottles (light destroys oils). All fats and oils, including fish oils, should taste and smell “fresh”. If they do not, dispose of them. Rancid fats and oils are extremely toxic and severely interfere with normal fatty acid metabolism.


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Thursday, February 17, 2011


Action 90 "Total Body Conditioning"April 27th - July 22nd
3 class times!

Click on the link to the right hand side to open up the registration.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

 Cashew Super Spelt Porridge

-1cup Rolled Spelt Hot Cereal
-Handful cashews
-2 scoop P. Powder (vanilla or any flav) (no sugar)
-1 small apple diced (save some for garnish)
-1 tsp Agave nectar
-1 tsp Cinnamon
-2-3oz Milk to help with blending

*Add cashews and cinnamon for the last 5min of cooking spelt (helps to soften up the cashews for blending)
*Blend up all ingredients, remember to save some apple slices
*add some of the saved apple slices on top along with some cinnamon for garnish
*Divide up into 2-3 breakfast meals/snacks
TIP: watch out for the sugar content....among other additives and preservatives in your protein powder.
If your using a p.poweder with sugar in it, save the agave nectar.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


For all those who are on a personal training program, or taking one of our great group courses, and have almost been training for almost is the time your old self will try to pop in and whisper negative thoughts into your heads, trying to sabotage your progress!
WHY? Your body is making changes due to your new workout and nutrition prescription, but your old self is still hanging on wanting you to go back to that lazy person you desperately want gone, whispering negative thoughts into your head.
Thoughts like:
”oh just sleep in and go to the later class”
“ I can miss this workout and just do cardio at home”
“ I will make this up on my own tomorrow, I know the exercises”
“ I will eat this chocolate cookie, I will work it off tomorrow”
“ the workouts are getting hard, I don't think I can do this”

OR if you find your old self saying:
“ I hate this exercise”
“ ah man I so do not want to train today”
“ I have not lost any weight, this doesn't work”

There is NO LOVE in any of the above thoughts!

YOU make the decisions for YOU everyday, every thought, every moment!
Everything YOU are now is a result of what YOU have thought!
YOU have control of those thoughts and the power to stay on track!
Quitting and listening to those negative thoughts is the EASY WAY OUT. The easy way out is were a lot of us have been before and what we all have in common, it is time to change!
We have all sat down, cried, been depressed about how we look and feel, wanting change to happen in our lives, but keep falling short. We make great empowered decisions to start a new fitness plan or diet, only to quit when the going gets tough! WHY? There is NO LOVE in what your doing!
TIP: diets do not work.....get the picture already! 

YOU must start to LOVE what you are doing in order for that LOVE to blossom into you’re lives!
Falling in LOVE with what you are doing means you are listening to your body and complying to the positive thoughts!
So start getting more involved with what your plan is NOW and feed yourself the LOVE it craves to stay on track.
If you're on a Personal Program or in a group course: stick to this program, believe in that program, know that you are developing the person YOU want to BE for the LONG HAUL and NOT for the QUICK FIX.

START to get more involved with what your doing:
-PREP & PLAN: make food journals & workout log books, knowledge is key, track your progress
-CREATE: create a new recipe and share it with others
-SHARE: take a friend out for a workout and show them what you have learned as they are probably lost like you were, looking for what you have found
-BELIEVE: always find a positive after every workout and believe you can do it!
-ACHIEVE: every day is a new day to achieve your goals
-DECIDE: make the decision to go for it!

Start falling in love with the path you’re on and SUCCESS is around the corner!
I am here to help!
I want to share what I have learned :-)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

RHR Resting Heart Rate;
Do you know yours?

What is the RHR Resting Heart Rate? RHR is the number of times your heart beats in one minute at complete rest.
As a coach I look at the RHR for a few reasons:1.) an indication of fitness / activity level / training target heart rate
2.) how strong your heart is; the healthier the individual the less the heart has to beat because the heart has enough strength to pump out more blood in one beat (less fit, more beats per min)
3.) overtraining & illness; taking your resting heart rate in the morning a few times per week can indicate with a larger RHR your stressed, overtrained or starting to get sick. (chill out for a couple days)
4.) health and recovery improvement; the more you involve physical activity, healthy eating and a positive way of live, your RHR will start to lower and you will feel great. Additionally an important variable that we focus on in Action 90 is recovery levels. We test our RHR on day one and through out the Action 90 program, on day 90 we test again after a little fit test and the results are positively drastic!
How do you find your RHR: when you wake up in the morning, sit back and relax for another 2-3min and then take your heart rate via, radial (wrist) or carotid (neck) for 1min by pressing gently on either of these sites. Take for three days straight and use the average.
*Keep track of your RHR each week or every other week of your training cycle, this will help you keep on track avoiding overtraining and illness.

What does my RHR mean: Look at the charts below and see where your at today.
source: AHA American Heart Association