Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ski Conditioning! Are you getting prepped?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


"Those that give 100% towards their training and nutrition will be handsomely rewarded 100% in return, it is that simple"

We have all been there, we have all wanted the best possible results, we have all set the goals and put everything into place to make those goals happen......but why did those goals not get fully attained.
The question is; are your giving 100% towards everything that can help attain your goals?

Here are a few bumps in the road that hinder people's results:

1.) Fitness Journal = one must track their progress, in order to keep adaption from occurring. This knowledge is great for you and your coach to help keep you on track. Plus you will know what you did in your last workout and have a base to build upon for future warm-ups and workouts.
*If you have hit this bump you may have felt:- Like your lost, looking around the gym for help
- Like copying other people because you have no plan, or forget the exercises and weights
- Disheartened and frustrated, thinking about trying something else that is fast and easy.

2.) Nutritional Journal = Yes writing down what you eat everyday can be tedious and boring, but if you start tracking your nutritional intake to keep you on alert to what is occurring in your body after you have eaten your meals, journaling has now turned into a super food finding expedition!
The body gives you signals after you have eaten a meal, by tracking "how you feel" after your meals and after your workouts, you will hit upon some super foods that work for you. Plus you will also get dialed in to what doesn't work for you; this is vital towards optimal growth and recovery!
* If you have hit this bump you may have felt:- Lost in the grocery store or at home in the kitchen.
- That you start to place blame on others that bring foods to work or home and you feel bad to say "No Thanks" and eat it anyways.
- That you start to turn to fast food, thinking it is good for you when your in a rush, but it is really processed garbage setting you back.
- Angry! Your eating will be sporadic, so the body will hold the fat you want to burn because it is just as frustrated as you are for being sporadic.

TIP: you do not need to journal everyday, try journaling 1 or 2 weeks out of the month.
For the Ladies = This is especially important for women who's monthly cycle will have different affects on their bodies each month. Being more dialed into your nutrition and how you feel going into your cycle can give you a better indication of what is to come and how to help alleviate it.

3.) Missing workouts = missing a workout from time to time happens. But there is also another form of missing workouts, something I call an "easy out" brain habit. Each time you miss a workout you tell your brain, "it's ok, I will just do the next workout two times as hard, plus try to fit in the last one on the same day". YIKES! This is a recipe for disaster! Why? You create that "easy out" brain habit to become stronger, then you will be missing workouts more and more because it is now a habit!
Some of the best workouts I have had is when I did not want to go. Not only did I have a great workout, but I was so happy with myself that I stuck to my goals and I did not have to start all over AGAIN!
*If you have hit this bump you may have felt:- Pissed off that your on the fitness roller coaster again. UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN
- Like you get sick every other week because of the stress your putting on yourself from playing workout catch up.
- Pissed off because your sitting at home watching TV, thinking "F$%K I should be at the gym, I made a goal to myself".
- Like looking for the quick fix because you cannot commit to your plan of being healthy.

Again we have all been here, now is the time to get on the right path towards your health. If you feel any of the above areas starting a bump on your path, quickly reassess and get back on track so your path is bump free!

Sunday, November 07, 2010

What can Action 90
"Total Body Fitness" do for you!

Well here are some 60 day stats from our 90 day crew thus far. (this is ONLY 60 days!)
36lbs of fat lost from a female
14inches down from a female
2 strict chin-ups from a girl who has never done a chin-up before
174 Core Conditioning score! You will have to sign up to get some serious core conditioning WOW!
9:18 1.5mile run
Improvement of 5minutes on a 1.5mile run!
25lbs of fat lost from a male
Increase of strict pull-ups from 2reps to 10reps
9inches lost by female off hips alone
6inches lost by male off umbilicus (belly button)
Flexibility scores 4inch improvement on hamstrings
Sleeping better
Fitting into old pants
Dropping dress sizes
Relationships improving
They are NOT done yet! 30 days to go! Month 3 is kicked UP!
*if you want to be in the next Action 90, email
Next 90 day session starts in January!

*We are starting a Pre/Intro to Action 90 starting Nov 15th - Dec 15th.
Learn the moves used in Action 90!
Get your Core ready!
Get started on your January fitness goals early.
Help combat the holiday food extravaganza!
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Saturday, November 06, 2010

have a read of this article my coach alerted me to. ARTICLE

TIP of the DAY = if you have not been training for months and months....please do not go out and run 15k!