Saturday, October 27, 2012

5 TIPS on how to stay on track when rushed for time:

1. Chop & measure veggies 2 x per week (wed, Sunday) now just use a cup or handful and scoop them out = 1 cup

2. Pre cook your protein 2 x per week (Tues, Friday) again measure and have it ready to grab fast = know your personal portion sizes 

3. Break out the crock pot, load it up before bed, wake up and bam you have food for 3 days! Veggies, meats, potatoes, yams, beans YUM!

4. Purchase your own personal coloured tupperware :-) Make sure it is just the right size for your meals and snacks. 

5. Have a friend over and make some backup plan homemade snack bars that have protein, carbs, fats. Now when your stuck you do not go munching on junk food because you are ready :-) 

LOL I had to get these greens just because it says "POW!" Pretty good as well! POW!

I am not a huge fan of kale, but baby kale salads are dam good! Found this at Wallmart.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Nutritional Compliance in a Program

Exercise program + nutrition + compliance = success
Exercise program + ______+ _________ = half ass results to no results!
We all can have a fantastic exercise program like (A90), but this program cannot succeed if the Compliance of nutrition is not followed. You see both the workout and the nutrition work hand in hand. Think of it this way (and we have all done this) in school you have a teacher (coach), this teacher has a great class plan (exercise program) for you to really learn about that class (get fit). So you take the class wanting the best results in the world, but you never do the homework (nutrition) plus never study (cardio).....yet you go into the final exam (last week of A90 pictures) hoping and praying to pass the test (hoping to see change in your pictures). What do you think your chances are that you will get 100% on the final (or huge change in the pictures)? I would say maybe 50% if you attended all classes (did the workouts and some cardio).
Compliance to a program is VITAL if you are going to see RESULTS! So why fool yourself by not complying to the program and making up your own nutrition or cardio?
In the A90 program I give a compliance nutritional chart to my clients so they can actually see via percentages just how compliant they are with their daily and monthly food. Most people think they are doing all they can, but when they use this chart they get great feedback that there is more to give.
Protein + Starch + Veggie + Fat eaten at 7am
If you did this exactly....TADA 100% compliant for 1 meal! You move onto the next meal, the goal is to be 80-90% compliant by the end of the month......NOW you will SEE and FEEL a result! If you missed this meal, your percentage drops as you were non compliant. Additionally if you only ate the starch with no veggies, protein or fat but ate at the right time, you would score and incomplete and get a lower percentage score...again not being fully compliant.
Can you see the larger picture here? If you are non compliant each day for just ONE meal you will start to grow further and further away from your end goal. That is when I hear my clients say, "but I am eating everything you say".....maybe, but not fully compliant.
Why not be 100% compliant?
Well so many people start out a program striving for 100% and simply fall off the wagon fast because they are coming from a life that was maybe 50% why make the huge jump to 100%, when you should start at 60% (an increase in success) and slowly move upwards until you feel confident in making a larger challenge for yourself (set yourself up for daily success)! 
Is 100% attainable.....YES, but this takes time and practice honing your nutritional craft and having your lifestyle adapted to make this happen. That is why I like people to live at 80% most of the year and when they want to dial in a goal like; a wedding or a trip to a tropical resort, then you can bump this percentage up and go for it still need a life and need those refeed days with a little treat :-) 
*Remember if you set a goal to be 80% compliant by months end......this goals has been attained 100%! So we all can strive to be 100% depending on what goals we make....think about success and what you can handle at that time.
Put in the time and effort and see the results happen!