Wednesday, December 02, 2015

5 years of focused bodybuilding. Left was my very first show as a novice in the IDFA, which I am now a Pro in. I was so new to the sport but so very excited about my journey. On the right was my last show as a WNBF Pro in November. I started bodybuilding when I was 35 years old with the goal of actually training hard at it for 5 years fully committed! Today at 41 years old I can honestly say making that 5 year goal to myself was the initial driving force to my success. Why? Because I wanted a journey! I wanted to have the full blown experience and feel what it was like to be full committed to my goal and improving. 💪🏼 👊🏼Why? I have been that guy who wanted fast results, got fast results, and then just quit because my initial investment (goals) sucked and were not focused. Learning from my past mistakes led me towards making my 5 year goal. During that time I have worked with the best coaches in the industry, made some awesome new friends, learned a ton about myself, increased my training knowledge, got to travel and compete with my wife and clients, got sponsored, earned two pro cards and grew to love the sport even more! My advice to all you guys and girls, the stage lasts 10-15min max, yes it is an awesome unforgettable experience, but in the end it is the journey that I am still on that made everything so much fun and not just a quick fix! Think long term and make it a fitness journey that will work for YOU! Here's to the the fitness journey!!! #chadaction #idfa #inbf #wnbf @idfamania @inbfcanada @wnbf #bodybuilder #natty #natural #fitnessaddict #fitness #fit #fitover40 @fit_over_40 #aesthetics #ripped #shreds #journey #fitnessmotivation #getfit #buff #muscle

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