Monday, September 10, 2012

Attract what you want!

Watch this video of Chad's comeback!
If you want it, believe it, ask for it and you will receive it!
The Law of Attraction is real and it is ready to be used for FREE everyday!
Everything that is happening in your life YOU have attracted and manifested.
If your life is sad and full of doubt...look at your daily life, why is this happening? How can you change it?
NOW picture the life or body you want to have, think of this daily! Believe it will come.
Now place effort and focus behind those beliefs and you will start the attraction process.
YOU and only YOU have the power to attract the body and life you want.
Chad demonstrates this law his short video on just how much he wants his goals and the full effort he is willing to give to make the attraction come true.
"If your will matches your goals, manifestations are soon to follow"

AC water bottles are in and looken Sharp!

Sunday, September 02, 2012

On top maranatha organic peanut butter, mixed with chocolate whey powder and a tad of water to make my syrup:-) yummy!

Sweet potato, egg white, oat waffles! My favorite!

Coach B’s Super Waffles
Protein = 1.5 cups egg whites
Starch = 3 oz baked sweet potato or yam
Starch = ½ cup dry oats
Flavoring = add as much cinnamon as you want
Fruit = ½ cup blueberries add after cooked on top
Fat = Add Coach B’s super syrup on top after cooked
Calories 499kcal 1 large / 3 small
Protein =            47g / 15.6g
Carbs =              37g / 12.3g
Fats =                 3g / 1g

Super Syrup:
1 tbsp Almond or Peanut butter (heat this up on stove)
1 tbsp protein powder
slowly add small amounts of water and make a syrup 

Calories 135kcal 
Protein =   14g
Carbs =     4g        
Fats =        8g         
* Now place all of this into a blender; blend until smooth. (not the syrup)
* Spray PAM then pour mixture into waffle maker, cook for 3-5min, depends on waffle maker
* Make sure a little brown on top, and then take them out with a fork.
* If it is your CHEAT day, use some organic maple syrup