Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Can you Squat Froggy Style?

Check out this cool video of frogs jumping. What are some similarities you see?
A similarity I see is in the starting position of the frog jump and the receiving position of the Clean & Snatch...take a look at the leg positions. Hmmmm kinda makes you think doesn't it?
So all you super tight dudes and dudetts out there, time to start thinking about taking some yoga and adopting some AIS "Active Isolated Stretching" in your programming to get in that upright receiving position.

Monday, June 07, 2010


I get a lots of questions from my clients about what kind of shoes to wear for the different types of workouts that I prescribe them. Questions like:
Do I wear flat shoes like "Chuck Tailors" for workouts? Yes!
Oly Shoes for Olympic lifting? Yes!
Court Shoes for basic barbell training and agility work? Yes!
Vibrams for training & running? Yes! (these are the glove finger shoes)
Running shoes.....for running?.....wait a second......maybe not!
Can I run bare foot YES!

I am a huge believer in that the feet we were born with were created to fit and balance our own specific bodies :-)

Today we always have some type of shoe, thong, slipper whatever on are feet...or are prescribed orthotics because "flat feet" are considered bad.......I can even dive into that shoes are made with plastics and Estrogen is leaking out of these plastics into our bodies,,,,but these are two topics we can chat about another time.

What ever happened to BARE FEET! As kids we were always in bare feet laughing and playing. Are ancestors were in always in bare feet. Some of the best runners in the word run in bare feet! Hell I am in bare feet right now after my training session and it feels great!

I have some of my clients do their warm-ups and workouts in bare feet. Some also wear orthotics so I invite them to slowly challenge their feet by going bare foot a little at a time in warm-up.....they love it!

When was the last time you ran in the yard, dirt or sand in bare feet? I bet when you think back of those moments they bring back good feelings right! So go out and play in your bare feet and give those feet a proper workout.

We all have done this: We get home, take are shoes off...and then we say? "ahhhhh holy sh$% that feels good!". I am not saying shoes are the Devil; I am inviting back bare feet bliss from time to time! PLUS when you go bare foot outside you get that super positive energy from Mother Earth running up those feet into your body!

So come on and come home covered in dirt! Love it!

Check out this video on Bare Foot Running. If you run, walk, have knee or back pain, I invite you to try this out a little at a time; I did and love it!

Down with the Heel Strike people!

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Mmmmm Nut Butter :-)

Hey all you Nut Butter maniacs! Check out this very cool website called : Justin's Nut butter
It's made with the highest quality, healthiest ingredients possible!
Justin's nut butter contains 6-7 grams of protein, is gluten and dairy free, and certified kosher (when I say kosher it reminds me of Seinfeld)
Have a great day!

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