Saturday, May 30, 2009

3 WODs for Total Time

"filthy fifties"for time:
50 box jumps - 24"
50 jumping chin ups
50 KBS - 1pd
50 walking lunges
50 knees to elbows
50 push press - 45#
50 back extensions
50 wall balls - 20# to 10ft
50 burpees
50 double unders
TIME: 19:45 (PB) Yes
OLD TIME: 22:56
I was on fast pace and was thinking will this gas me out in WBS and Burpees....yes it did. But I got my goal of sub 20min and that is what I wanted. So good start today.

PART 2: for time;
95# overhead anyway x 50 reps
TIME: 3:55
Exercises I chose by most reps
Power Snatch
Push Press
Push Jerk
(P1&P2 times: 19:45+3:55=23:40)
I am pumped about this time because overhead work is a killer for me!

As for post wod fuel:
Part #1
2 scoops Protein 27g
2 Scoops Recoverite 10g pro/33g CHO
1 cup some sweet watermelon

1hr later:
1 Spulumbos Chicken Apple Sausage
2 cups spinach raw

1 cup grapes3 small handfuls cashews
2 tbs nut butter

PART 3: for times;
Run800 m @ 80%
rest 6 min
Run 800 m @ 90%
rest 6 min
Run 800 m @ 100%
100% Sprint 800m Run = 2:41.80

ToTAL TIME of all WOD's:

total your filthy fifties, 95#/65# overhead and 100% 800 m run effort together as
total time(i.e. 17:30 + 4:30 + 2:30 = 24:30 total time as score)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Saturday & Sunday June 27th & 28th /2009

Not going to the CrossFit Games, but always wondered what it’s like? Want to experience the excitement of an electric atmosphere and fun competition?
You can experience the magic at the Action Challenge! This event is for all those CrossFitters who work their butts off on a daily basis to come and test their newly developed skills and fitness levels.

Put your training to the test. Treat yourself like an Elite CrossFitter… plan, fuel, and attack numerous workouts in two days. Experience what it’s like to have an entire crowd cheering you on as you push through what you never thought was possible. Make the Action Challenge your stepping stone to future success! Reach your potential!

4 WorkoutsHEATS: 5-7 Competitors
Action Challenge T-Shirt
BBQ after last event with awards
Awards: Male & Female 1st 2nd 3rd
Top CrossFitter Award
CrossFit Levels:
We strongly encourage all levels of CrossFitters to attend. Scaling will be made ready for those who need it.
Registration Info: To register please fill out below information, CUT & PASTE IT, emailing info to me at

Name: T-shirt Size: (pick one)S, M, LG, XLG
Affiliate Name:
Male / Female:
Cost: $50
Two ways to pay:
1.) pay pal on “shopping & payments” page
2.) mail to: (cheque payable to: Globo Gym Inc)
Action Challenge
106 St. James BLVD North
Lethbridge Alberta Canada
T1H 6M4




Tuesday, May 26, 2009



20 Pull-ups
30 Push-ups
40 Sit-ups
50 Squats

TIME: 16:16

Oh my God! I have been finished this workout for about 2hours now, and I have not moved from my couch! I am serious and still seeing blurry spots! When I was in my last set of extremely painful squats (which I friggen ROCKED today!) I had an unexpected visitor drop by, the Purolator delivery dude got a first hand lesson in Crossfit. Haha he was trying to get my attention, but I had my earphones on and did not notice him until I got up to do my squats in the 5th round. After he told me he was watching from Pull-ups at the door and walked all the way up to the rowers. I sputtered out "hold on a second" when I finally did see him and finished my squats falling to the ground moaning like cattle going to slaughter! Took my earphones off, and the dude says, "man that was nuts! I have your equipment in the truck". I told him "sorry man I cannot help you right now" and he graciously brought it all in. I had to sign for the equipment and my hand was shaking like hell, the dude go a good laugh at that, then he wanted to know what CrossFit was and why I would do this to myself. I could not talk and was holding back the saliva accumulating in my mouth. Gave him my card and layed on the floor for about 15min. Good that it's over.

I took it upon my self to attack Barbara as performed at my Gym to be legit and get on our Board.Everything was the same as my Coaches programming for our Big Dawgs except the Push-ups were not Chest 2 Floor.
TIME: 16:16 PB! 1st on the Board

Monday, May 25, 2009


The top of my NASTY HILL!

this is the spot my legs and butt were on friggen fire and also where things felt slow motion with all my effort.

Run 400 m x 3 @ 75% warm up, practice POSE, rest 1 min b/t sets
Find the nastiest hill
Run up it for 45 sec as fast as you can - think power and drive
Walk down - 3 minutes, 15 seconds rest repeat this 6 times
2 min after you have completed the last set including the 3:15 rest sprint run for 5 min on a somewhat flat surface - think finish line when gassed

WOD Results:
45sec Hill Sprints
1.) 156 BPM
2.) 160
3.) 168
4.) 164
5.) 168
6.) 168

5min Sprint
1.) 174 BPM
My legsand butt were on fire! Almost funny that I was trying to run so fast but was really in slow motion going up hill (kind of like those bad dreams when you can't run away fast enough, yelling at your legs RUN!)
5min run for me started slow but finished on a faster note. Leaning more forward and letting my heals rise to my butt using minimal effort. POSE technique is hard to grasp when fatigue sets in, but the last 2min I was really letting it go and running actually felt good!

Sunday, May 24, 2009


21-15-12-9-6-3 Rep Rouunds for Time
Deadlift 95#
Hang Power Clean 95#
Front Squat 95#
Push Jerk 95#
TIME: 15:57

I messed up on this WOD today. I wrote down in my book 21-15-12-9-6-3 when it should have included a rep round of 18 before the 15!!! None the less a hard workout and good mental battle.
Well I guess I have something more to work on: remember my workout!
When I get this video recorder working I will put the video up of the reps rounds 21-6-3

Friday, May 22, 2009


5 Rounds for time
800m run
50 Back Extensions
50 Sit-ups
TIME = 16:13

4 hours of Rest in between WOD's

5 Rounds for time
7 Muscle-ups
21 Push-up Burpees
TIME = 14:48

RUNNING!!! Since running is not my best skill I focused on leaning forward and bringing my heals up to my butt, thank god for good tunes! Back Extensions I rip up "Crazy Style" with no stops, sit-ups on the other hand were lacking today, running and Back extensions will do that. Good WOD! My goal is 15:30

Ryan on the other hand was nuts! Full lock out at the bottom of muscle ups is tough for me, especially when false grip is all sweaty. Burpees went as best they could. I tried not to gas out, doing 6-5-5-5 with two to three breaths for breaks, this really helped keep my pace.
1st round was all seven muscle ups, but I changed that plan because I was gassing out too quick.
Fun WOD and I layed on the floor for about 10min after. Wrists are skin free!!!! DOH!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

All Jacked up INTENSITY...I like it!!

For Loads:

A.) Power Snatch/Snatch Balance/OHS - 1.3.5 x 3 sets; 180 sec rest b/t sets

5 min rest including 3 min at end of last set

B.) Dead Lift - 55% of 1RM - 8 sets of 2 reps; 45 sec only b/t sets

3 min rest after last set including 45 sec

C.) Press - 5 x 5; 120 sec rest b/t sets

WOD Results

B.) 235#

C.) 5 X 5 @ 115#

Very happy with today's efforts. When I Power Snatched that 145#, it when up so fast I nearly fell over backwards. My 1RM snatch is 155#!! So Up goes the 1RM Snatch baby!

Overhead squats felt good on my left knee today. I have been rolling out my entire lower body every day before workouts and when I get a chance with clients.

Here is the video of me with some huge intensity, very sloppy at the top of power snatch, but I did not expect to get the bar up that high (place huge smile here!) Haha ignore the song in the background!!!! If I can lift to Britany I can lift anywhere!

I have beeb trying to download the video, no luck. I'll post it later
Ok here it is, I was saving the video in the wrong format

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


WOD #1
part A:

5 rounds for time;
135#/95# squat clean x 7 reps
21 chin upsrest

REST 4+ hours

WOD #2
part B:
for reps:
2 min double unders
2 min KBS - 2pd
2 min box jumps - 24"

WOD #1 @ 12pm
Part A =
10:47 as RQ'd

Picture of me in the Clean executing the 3rd pull....(pulling myself down under the bar)

WOD thoughts = Had good game plan of 4 Squat Cleans, take breath, finish 3 Squat cleans.
Pull-ups I wanted 11 reps, take breath, 10reps. This worked for first 2 rounds then broke down. My arms are still sore from last set of 3 workouts....they were not good team players!

Pre WOD = BCAA 30min prior to warm-up
Post WOD = shake & vitamines;
37g Pro / 40g CHO / 0g Fat
Vits = B Complex, Bioflavinoids, C, D, Pantothenic Acid, Tumeric, Umbiquinol, Niacin, E

I will eat 1hr later ZONE Meal
5 Block PRO Steak
5 Block CHO Yam, Spinach, Grapes
10-15 Block Fat cashew/N.Butter

WOD #2
Part B
Double Unders = 175
KBS = 49
B0x Jumps = 47
TOTAL = 271
My arms could not do DU's or KBS, they are finished.
Box jumps suprized me in a good way! Started out with a fast 20 then used a alternate combo of jump up, extend hips, step down & jump up, extend hips, jump down, plyometric jump back up.
This saved me some good energy and got me head out of the game. Will use this method again.

Monday, May 18, 2009


For Time;
21 thrusters - 135# (taken from floor) Row 800 m
50 HSPU (full lockout at top)
Row 800 m
21 thrusters - 135#

TIME: 30:15

This picture is of my buddy and fellow Big Dawg Geoff Aucoin and myself having a nice lactate induced nap on the floor.

Well this WOD holds some of my biggest week spots and I wanted to hit this WOD hard.
135lb Thrusters is a big one for me. Started with 6/5/5/3/2 and then sat on the rower realizing that I cannot feel my arms...."great Handstand Push-ups are next".
I have had some serious battles with HSPU...ask Katrina. When I have them as skill development I can do 5 sets of 10 reps with no kip, but when the money is on the line in mid WOD, fatigue in any part of my body seems to shut down my need to HSPU. I got through the first 10 with a 5/5 then went 3/2 for a bit, then dropped to 1 rep at a time. HSPU took up way too much time.
My shoulders are DONE!

The row went as planned 1:50-55 pace /500m. Thrusters went 3/3/3/2/2/2/1/1/1/2 man I felt like I was doing the WOD Grace, Cleaning the weight of the floor every time.

Can I see improvements? Yes:
My thruster is getting better
HSPU can now happen after some serious lifting

Rest Day for me tomorrow, then two a days start.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

CP Max Effort

For Loads:

A1. Front Squat - 3,3,3,3,3; 180 sec rest

A2. 15 CTB chin ups x 5 sets; 180 sec rest

A1.) 175#/195/200/205/210

A2.) All CTB (chest to bar) straight through

I am pumped about my front squats today for 3's as I am not the best front squatter.
Chest to bar were going along smooth when I chose the right song for the occasion, needed to get pumped up because my hands still have some big rips on them trying to grow back.


This is one of my clients, Adam. He came to me about four and a half months ago detrained, low self esteem and out of shape after seriously hurting his back which took him out of competitive Hammer throwing, plus haulting an active lifestyle. Adam and I started with small (which to him probably felt huge) movement patterns and posterior chain work. Using Crossfit's ten fitness domains the goal was to bring back out, what I like to call, Adam's "Inner Athlete". It did not take long for Adam to find his Inner Athlete again, and small successes came on a weekly basis.
In talking with Adam yesterday at his competition, he told me that when he was hurt he felt something inside was missing. Now that something is back, his "Inner Athlete"! Adam is now thowing National level distances and having more fun doing it! He feels his best is yet to come.

Everyone has an "Inner Athlete", it works with and is similar to your "Inner Voice". It guides you through your life. To bring out this "Inner Athlete", you have to play like a kid again, have fun, move your body, build positive inner energy, pushing out the negative, compete with yourself daily, sweat (your body likes it) and use the help of others who are on your path. I do not care if you have zero athletic ability. An "Inner Athlete" has what counts: "Heart". In the heart lie the keys: determination, desire, peserverance. How do you know you have it? Your "Inner Voice" tells you, making you FEEL fantastic positive emotions through your thoughts like, "Damn do I feel good", or "Holy crap! I just finished that workout, YES!" or "Hey! I can fit into my old favorite do I look good!"

Listen to your inner voice and feel the energy of the Inner Athlete!!

To read Adam's thoughts on his past weekend cometition and fitness journey check out his post on my web-site CrossFit Lethbridge

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Complete for Time:

21 SDLHP 135#(bar to chin, head still!)
800m Run
50 Ring Dips (biceps to rings, full extention)
800m Run
21 SDLHP 135#
TIME: 13:45 as RQ'd

I usually fly through Ring Dips but these gave me some problems today.
Running!!!! needs some work, physically, mentally and technique.

Picture of me at Games Qualifier mid pull-up
Lower picture; done! so happy I made it through

Gotta love that game face....yikes!!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

CP Volume

for loads:
A. Power Clean/Front Squat/Push Press - 2.3.4reps x 5 sets; 180 sec b/t sets
B1. Chin Ups weighted - 3,3,3,3; 90 sec
B2. HSPU x 10 reps x 4 sets; 90 sec
C. SDLHP - 10,10,10,10,10; 60 sec b/t sets
D1. GHD Sit ups x 20 reps x 3 sets; 60 sec
D2. GHD Raises x 10 reps x 3 sets; 60 sec

My Results:
A.) 115#/135/145/150/155 fail 2nd PP
B1.) 35#/45/55/75
B2.) 4X10 straight through PB!!
C.) 115#/115/120/120
D1.) straight through
D2.) getting better at these as I have to jimmy-rig my Mickey Mouse Back Ext machine with matts, not so friendly on the family jewels.

B2.) Handstand Push-ups (HSPU) were on today. I opened up my hands more (10&2 o-clock middle fingers) this stance helped as my right thumb and wrist were getting jammed. I also was dropping faster into the negative, helping get more of an elastic responce.
A.) Everything was easy until the Push Press (PP), this is something I need more work on for heavier loads.
D1 & 2) abs are sore from yesterday, but got through it. My back extention machine has no room for family jewels and GHD Raises kill if you get into the wrong spot. Need a machine with the mat divider in the middle for room.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

DAY 2 OF 3

I wanted to get back onto my Coaches Big Dawg WOD's today, but jumped the gun yesterday and performed an old workout (hitting a new PB) while the other Dawgs were on a rest day. Todays BD WOD called for ring push-ups & K2E and I did a hell of a lot push-ups yesterday. I decided to workout out with my Client Team 11am class, lucky for me I placed K2E in their WOD, worked out well! I like it when I get to feel like part of the Team:-)

I had them do:

Complete for Time: Choose your own path
100 Knees to Elbows
200 Double Unders
TIME: for me 11:20...wanted under 10min and will do this another time
My Rep Plan was: 100DU/50K2E/50DU/25K2E/50DU/25K2E
The next time I do this I will choose a different approach, doing 50x4Du/ 25x4K2E

*My clients could chose any rep game plan to get this done, but they must stick to this game plan. When finished I wanted them to post their rep plan and tell me what worked and what would they change, helping them in the long run for future WODs, plus getting a better feel for their current fitness level.

Here is a little bit of my clients and myself training.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Day 1: Back at it!

Today is day one, well really just a day to get things moving again. I will start my Big Dawg WOD's tommorow, with my first wod of 3on 1off.

Felt good today, still a tad under the weather and could feel this warming up, but had the urge to train really bad!

As many rounds in 10 min of:
12 Push-ups
12 Hang Power Cleans 95#
Rounds: 10 PB....old rounds = 8....Goal attained!

I think a new goal of 11 can be done, possible 12???

Thursday, May 07, 2009


Still feeling sick after the Qualifier, but today is the best I have my throat. Body is still pretty sore and my brain feels like scrambled eggs. 1 week off to recover body, flu and CNS and I will start again with some Big Dawg WODs.
Watching all the videos and seeing pictures of our event and other events world wide makes me want to train right now!Very inspirational! I love CrossFit!
I have been planning my ACTION Challenge Competition for my clients and hopefully some other nearby CrossFits from Calgary, Edmonton and Medhat. Right now it is looking like a one day event with a sweet BBQ after to mingle and fuel up the athletes. Stay tuned for this as I have already created some challenging WODs.

Yesterday my coach posted this picture on his blog and little tid-bit about me, man when I read this I have to admit I got a bit teary eyed. Here is the pic and what he said: "me in the background screaming at one of my heros of the weekend...I'm not sure if i know of any others that are as committed to excellence...and this is why we love ACTION!"
Thanks Coach FitzGerald!
Check out my coaches blog, plus this is where myself and the other Big Dawgs get programmed at: