Monday, July 09, 2012

Hot Day Pina Colada Shake

Hot Day Pina Colada Shake
1/2 cup canned pineapple
1 frozen banana
1/2 cup coconut milk
2 scoops vanilla protein powder
1 cup chilled green tea
1/2 cup ice
Put everything in a blender and mix on high.

Calories = Full shake / 1/2 Shake (half of protein and banana)
Calories = 402kcal / 230kcal
Protein = 50g / 25g
Carbs = 45g / 28g
fats = 5g / 4g

*The best time to have this shake is right after a BIG SWEATY workout that has you left on the floor leaving a sweat angel :-) No sweat angel, no Pina Colada Shake :-) 

Friday, July 06, 2012

Beginner home fitness Tests

I got an email question from a client wanting to know how to perform an easy at home fitness assessment for themselves and their family; VERY COOL!
Fitness tests, can be very scary and bring back bad memories from the old Canadian Fitness Testing protocol we all went through as kids (I for one am crazy and loved all those tests). That said these home tests must have a different angle of assessment without all the nervousness, crazy numbers and nasty put downs like FAIL, POOR and NEEDS IMPROVEMENT.

The home tests must be progressive, fun and creative so there is a future towards health and fitness improvement. Those tests must answer these questions...."where am I now?....what do I need to work on?....what are the positives I can take from these tests?....what are my next steps towards improvement?

There are a thousand fitness testing protocols for the public out there today, and most are geared toward
how many reps one should be at for that specific age group. Lets not start here, lets begin with finding some great personal feedback to get the ball rolling.

For starters: If you have been inactive for some time please see your doctor and get a check up....always a smart way to start :-) Once you get the doctors OK or the dreaded speech, " it is time to start getting healthy because you resemble pillow" can try these tests :-)

Here are 4 BASIC Home Tests for the beginner:

#1.) 2min JUMPING JACKS = with a 15sec all out FINISHER.......yes that is it. You will be very surprised at how many people die out at 40seconds.
START = practice the jumping jack, it has probably been awhile. Set the timer and begin. Do not forget to go all out with 15seconds left (yes you will look like that crazy kid in gym class who did these fast for a laugh.....who cares your out of shape go for it)
GOAL = 2min at a good pace with great form, without stopping (not slow motion). Plus be able to finish with a 15sec all out attempt for the finisher.
*TIP video this: give yourself some feedback on how your form looked from a different perspective.......
Could you last 2min?.....did you like what you saw? If not, time to make a choice.

#2.) 5 PERFECT PUSH-UPS that are so perfect Michelangelo would be proud of the perfection!

*Video this for yourself, how did your form look?
Recording your push-up form will help make sure your push-ups DO NOT resemble Justin Timberlake's pelvic thrust dance moves. (yes a cool move but will not impress your personal trainer in a push-up test)
START: press record, get into push-up position, try for 5 perfect push-ups. Stop, stop video, now watch video
- Look at your torso, are your hips lower than your chest?
- Could you make it all the way down? If NOT try modified and start video again. (two trial tests)
- Look at your head, is it sagging down like your reaching your nose to smell the floor. (this is the most common error we see in our clients)
GOALS = get hips in line with chest / get head in line with torso / your ears in line with shoulders, hips, knees, ankles, like a straight line.

- Look at your hand placement, are your hands way above your head and elbows out by your ears?
GOALS = elbows should be behind shoulders in bottom position, your hands should be below your head (chin past finger tips).
Hand Width...start hands just outside shoulder for now. Future hand placements are for further development after main push-up GOAL is achieved.
SO you probably need some work right? Please check out this helping TIP below.

5 THREE POINT PERFECT PUSH-UPS: a test and corrective protocol we use at Action Conditioning to get those to master their mind muscle connection.
START = as above, just get some help with placing the bar in correct position.
Bar should touch = back of skull, glutes and tops of ankles. VIDEO THIS
-how did your push-up look? Make some notes like; what point dropped off first?
GOAL = do all 5 push-ups without the bar falling off and keeping 3 points of contact. Once any of the 3 points are broken, that is your rep score.

START = in push-up position, now drop to your elbows, keep your fingers straight ahead like the Great Sphinx, have someone place dowel on your back and find the 3 points of contact.
GOAL = keep three points of contact with the dowel: rear skull, Glutes, Ankles. Once you break the 3 points your done. Hold 30sec without any 3 point breaks...if in test you can hold this 30sec without trouble, go for ALAP "as long as possible".
- how did your plank look? Make some notes like, what point dropped first?

#4.) 1min AIR SQUAT = hip crease level with top of knee VIDEO THIS
START = use a small chair or ball, sit on it, now look at your hips to make sure they are level with the top of the knee. Once your have found this position your ready to test.
*remember to stand tall at top of squat.
- look at your torso and make notes like, my head leans really far forward, hard to stay tall
- look at your knees....what do they they fall inward?
GOAL = in 1min complete 35 Air Squats with hip crease level to top of knee
*In picture is an advanced hip crease below knee squat....this is what you will want to condition yourself towards after you have grasped the squat with hip crease level to top of knee.

*remember to keep notes and video on how you did. Retest yourself every month or every other month to see progress. Plus make some goals after you get some testing info down and shoot for improvement.

Want to get started and do not know how, let us help you out. Contact us at to book your appointment :-) You can also check out our website
Please do not wait for poor health to be your trigger to get healthy.