Tuesday, April 05, 2011


Most commonly, sweet cravings occur due to an improper protein/carbohydrate ratio in the diet, usually erring on the side of insufficient protein and fat. When your body's cells get the wrong fuel mix for their genetic-based needs, deficient energy production in the cells results, and this is then communicated through the mind as a craving for sweet (quick energy). In its own language, your body tells you in no uncertain terms whether or not it received the right fuel from your last meal. When you eat the right food for your type, and when the proportions of proteins and fats to carbohydrates is what it should be, your body will respond favorably: You'll feel satisfied. You'll feel replenished. Your energy level will increase slightly. Your mental clarity and your mood will improve somewhat. On the other hand, if the protein/carbohydrate ratio was wrong for you at that meal, your body will also communicate that to you in its own "language:" You may not feel satisfied; you may be still hungry, even though you may be physically full. You might develop a food craving, especially for something sweet. Your energy levels may drop, or you might feel uncomfortably hyper. Or, your mood may worsen, becoming depressed, angry, irritable, anxious, etc. It's been said that the strongest drug one can take is food! So, to get the right effect and STOP food cravings, make sure you take the right "drug,"

If you want need help with food or food cravings Action Conditioning offers personal Metabolic Typing to help dial the special foods unique to you and your body type.
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