Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hit Those Macros!

Having trouble sticking to your macros?
If you are having trouble sticking to your macros then the below information will help you see some of the trouble spots clients can get into when being programed by a coach.
Remember, the better you are at hitting your macros, the more great data and feedback your coach gets! This info helps to create an ongoing personal prescription that is tailored to attain your physique goals :-) 

Coaches want to help you succeed, but they need your help to do so :-) 
Adherence & Consistency are the Key! 
- each day is important to hit macros. If you have 7g of carbs or fat left.....eat them up :-) 
- even more important is the long term adherence & consistency to hitting macros for seeing optimal results.
 What hurts clients the most are;
- Rollercoaster macros =close on one day, over on the second day, not even close on the third, bang on on the fourth day, under on the fifth day, double over on the sixth day, the "ah fuck it" syndrome & the "I am starting fresh on Monday" syndrome way way way over on 7th day. 
- Energy Balance = too much energy IN (Food) not enough energy OUT (workouts & cardio) 
Not following workout or cardio prescription. This prescription has been calculated into your macros (so if you miss these, or are doing more.....this is tampering with results) 
- Good all week, then a weekend from hell (so all the deficit macros we took off during the week are now eaten on the weekend, bring on weight maintenance)  
- Afraid to eat carbs and fats :-( food is your friend, start to believe in that :-) 
- Cardio kings & queens = cardio is good, for sure.....but weight lifting is optimal and will create the muscle to burn fat faster and longer over time. 
Hit your macros and you can do even less cardio and more lifting :-) 
- Not putting everything eaten onto food sheets for your coach (this only hurts you) 
- Not weighing and measuring foods (once you get to know your food numbers is gets very easy to stay on track) 
- Not getting enough fiber, water and micronutrients.
- Eating mostly processed crap food and not enough mother earth veggies & starches (you can have some processed food, but make quality food the majority of your daily food) 
- Missing workouts during the week, not hitting weekly macros and yet eats their refeed meal. 
- Letting your friends/family dictate what you need to eat.............tell them to shut the hell up and stick to your goals! If they are your true friends they will support you:-) 

*If you want change, you must create the time and space in your life to make room for this change to manifest itself. 
*If your goals are not coming forth, you are not making the room necessary for change to manifest in your life, so your goals will stay in limbo until this room has been made!  

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