Wednesday, October 15, 2014

You asked for it! Here it is :-) Book your DMP at Dialed in Meal Plan (DMP) $75 per month for a minimum of 3month sign up $70 per month for a minimum of 6month sign up Why no 1 month fee? - We find giving a single meal plan is a disservice to the client. More info is needed in the future months to help the coach learn about the client’s nutritional needs and help progress the client in a healthy manor towards their goals. The aim of a DMP is three fold 1. To help get those lost in nutrition back on track 2. To create new eating habits and gain focus 3. To dial in your nutrition for a specific event or physique goal without the stress of tracking and check-ins. What is DMP? DMP incorporates monthly Skype or face to face office consultations. We find a face to face consultation really helps to understand the clients current situation, plus build the client coach teamwork mentality. DMP has unlimited email to help with any nutrition questions. DMP uses an individualized meal plan approach that gives you exactly what to eat and when to eat it. DMP will be designed for you based on your first consultation. What you get! - After your first consultation and individual homework an individualized nutrition meal plan will be created for you and your goals. - This meal plan provides you exactly what to eat and when to eat. - No homework needed; simply meet at your 4 week consultation to chat about progress, take measurements and photos. - You will be given a prescribed list of food substitutions to help keep things fresh. - You have unlimited email access to your coach. - Meals plans change every 4 weeks based on progression and the info gathered at monthly consultations. - Monthly photos and measurements to help with progression. Can you do this Online? - Yes! A Skype consultation will be your monthly check-in, email will be used for questions and picture / measurement instructions will be given to do on your own. I want Extra Consultations - Great communication and team work with your coach are key to help success! You can purchase extra Face to Face or Skype consultations on top of your already booked monthly consultation for: $15 per ½ hour / $30 per hour

from Action Conditioning