Tuesday, June 30, 2009

GHD Raises

What does your butt look like? Do you think it is working as efficiently as top butts do?
Well I thought my butt was working really well until my coach gave me a simple glute test and I did not receive a passing grade. So I embarked on getting some serious glute action; first with some basic fundamental glute exercises and developing into an advanced exercise in the video below, the GHD Raise "Glute Hamstring Developer".
I had the hardest time with this movement and have been practicing it a few times every week along with some smaller glute functional movements to get my posterior chain and pelvic floor development to come full circle.
Like I tell my clients: every one needs a wicked strong badonkadonk! The glutes are one of the first muscles to deteriorate as you get older due to a major drop in physical activity.
That physical activity is what keeps your good looking piece of machinery in working order.....if you do not keep your butt up to par you can join the "Look like your walking with a pickle up your ass club!" You know the butts I am talking about.......the butts that are big on top and small at the bottom .....you can think of this as "Dysfunctional Heart Bottom Syndrome" as described by Paul Chek in "Eat Move and Be Healthy". Have your partner look at your butt (not someone on the street) if they can draw a Heart right side up then you have DHBS. If your butt looks like an upside down heart, that is a step in the right direction, functional glute testing would be the next step.
What is DHBS? The top of the butt cheek muscles called "Gluteus Medius" are hyper-active and too large due to a pelvic floor and posterior chain instability creating atrophy in the Larger butt muscles "Gluteus Maximus". Some causes of DHBS can come from: Inactivity, C-Sections, back trauma and high body fat, all creating pelvic instability.

Check out this video demonstrating GHD Raises

Monday, June 29, 2009

OPT "3"

Front Squat 3RM
Snatch 2RM (I will post video of this later)
1 set - Max Reps - Chest to Bar Pull Ups
combine load for highest 3 in front squat, highest 2 in snatch and max rep pull ups in your one and only set; that is your score; take as many sets as needed to get squat 3RM and snatch 2RM(i.e. 255+145+50=450 as your OPT "3")


FSQ 215#
Snatches 145#
C2B Pull-ups 27

Friday, June 26, 2009


3 rounds for total reps;
45 sec "cousins" - 20#/14#
15 sec rest
45 sec R arm KB turkish get up - 1.5pd/1pd
15 sec rest
45 sec prisoner back extensions
15 sec rest
45 sec L arm KB turkish get up - 1.5pd/1pd
15 sec rest
45 sec triple unders
15 sec rest

post total reps completed to comments
cousins = med ball touching floor overhead lying on your back under wall ball area, sit up with momentum carrying yourself into a squat position with med ball in front rack, and from here throw 10 ft to wall ball marker, catch ball in a full squat and in doing so fall backwards into lying with ball overhead, repeat sequence
TGU - starts on back, reps end on back, no 1/2 reps
BE's - hands interlocked behind head and elbows out wide at all times
TU's - if rope does not pass through 3 times, its a double and DOES NOT count

Cousins: 10/9/8 = 27
RTG: 5/4/4 = 13
BE: 40/41/40 = 121
LTG: 4/3/3 = 10
TU: 7/6/6 = 19
Total: 190

Fun WOD. My gym was friggen hot today, sweat like crazy. I love it when I see my sweat flying all over the place when I am training! Good Times!
Prisoner Back Extentions were crazy tough. They definately put a small hinderance into my Left Arm turkish-Getups.

My ACTION CHALLENGE starts tomorrow!!! I am very excited about this event and can't wait to see my clients and fellow CrossFitters that made the trip from out of town kick some friggen butt!!! Bring out your friends and family down to Dave Elton Park 6th ave North, drive all the way down to Saint Patrick's Cemetary, look to the left and you will see the tents and equipment set up.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

High power/Short duration

For Time:
30 box jumps - 20"/14"
12 burpees
12 squat clean - 135#/95#
20 box jumps - 20"/14"
9 burpees
9 squat clean - 135#/95#
10 box jumps - 20"/14"
6 burpees
6 squat clean - 135#/95#

post warm up routine, pre and post wod fuel strategy and time to complete to comments
full extension of hips and knees at top of box jumps
chest to deck for burpees, jump and clap at top
full extension of hips at top of clean before lowering weight, ass to grass squat catch

TIME = 7:11

Not at full effort today, warm-up was stopped a few times to help out my clients prep for the ACTION Challegne this weekend. Feeling a little tired and stressed.
Roll out tight spots & get up and skip
90/90 Hip Stretch
70/30 One leg "bar resembles spine" dealifts/goodmornings
70/30 Box Calf stretch "bent knee to straight knee"
10 Back roll toe touch "knees by ears roll side to side"
10 Back Extentions
10 GHD Sit-ups
10 Hammy leg swings
10 Hammy "T" Balance floor touch
10 Hip Smashers
8 sec base side to side
8 sec base rotation
6 lateral jump and stick
10 Adduction/Abduction toe touches
SPECIFIC: 8-10min
Small mix of Burgner warm-up drills
Box Jumps
Hip Smashers
(make small mini WOD to get CNS ready to move)

2 1/2hrs Pre WOD nutrition:
2 tbsp ground beef
1 Pear
1 tbsp Coconut Oil
Few cashews

30min Pre WOD BCAA

Post Nutrition asap
30g Protein
1 Scoop Recovertite
Pantothenic Acid

I'll eat a ZONE Meal 1hr after this
5 Protein
12-15 Fat

Sunday, June 21, 2009


#1:for total reps:
Dead Lift 2x BWT amrap
rest 2 min
AMRAP Chin Ups
rest 2 min
AMRAP Squats in 60 sec
rest 2 min
AMRAP Chin Ups
rest 2 min
AMRAP Squats in 60 sec

BWT=182# / DL=365# = 7 reps
Pull-ups = 39
Squats = 61
Pull-ups = 35
Squats = 60
TOTAL = 202

#2:4 rounds for time;
20 burpees
Run 400 m

TIME: 16:34

#3 for time;
155# power clean x 15
5 muscle ups
155# power clean x 12
5 muscle ups
155# power clean x 9
5 muscle ups
155# power clean x 6
5 muscle ups
155# power clean x 3

TIME: 8:30

post score of #1, and times for #2 and #3
dead lift cannot rest on ground once started, you may rest at top, must be touch and go repschin has to break vertical plane of bar at top for chin upssit to D ball if you got one for squatsarms at full extension at top and bottom of muscle upships must come to full extension at top of cleanworkouts can be done in any order and timelines BUT they have to be completed within Sunday in order to qualify for the prize of...a free VMG (newest multi vit/min/greens formula i have created) for both male and female top spots...if individuals with lowest times for 2 and 3 do not win # 1, i'll be happy to give the #1 winner both male and female a VMG as well...good luck

WOD 1 SCORE = 202
WOD 2: 16:34
WOD 3: 8:30
TOTAL = 25:04

Saturday, June 20, 2009

ACTION Challenge Prep is over FINAL RESULTS

Final Results can be found here: http://crossfitlethbridge.typepad.com/files/competition-rankings-5.xls

Top 3 Males
1st Chad - 389 pts
2nd Cory - 364 pts
3rd Jason - 357 pts

Top 3 Females
1st Kat - 385 pts
2nd Heather - 383 pts
3rd Carlee - 363 pts

My Results:
WOD #1 = 14rds + 20reps = 1st place 100 points
WOD #2 = 3:05 = 1st place 100 points
WOD #3 = 3:24 = 4th place 89 points
WOD #4 = 57reps x 95# = 5415 = 1st place 100 points
TOTAL Points = 389

Great little prep competiton for my clients and super fun for me to challegne myself with what I have learned in my past competitions putting that knowledge to the test.

Thanks to Brent, his wife Cara, Tyler and Kris for doing these WODs online. You all did well and are free to join in anytime I hold one of these little Challenges.

Thanks to my girlfriend Katrina "Black Kat" for helping me organize and keep track of everyones records, your the best sugar!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I am posting my scores one post below the CrossFit Kids video.
I will also be posting the scores up for the last two days later tonight.
You may also check out my CrossFit Lethbirdge site: www.crossfitlethbridge.ca

Monday, June 15, 2009


This week is ACTION Challenge Prep week. I made up a 4 Workout individual Challenge for all of my clients to help them prepare. The workouts are for everyone, competing or not.

**If you follow this blog you are more than welcome to post your scores here and I will post them in my gym and on my www.crossfitlethbridge.ca web-site

I composed this challenge based on weaknesses my clients have along with some strengths to keep the intensity high keeping in mind the overall goal of increasing confidence for what is to come. Remember CrossFitters need to be good at anything thrown at them; like my coach said to me "good at all, master of none, this makes a well rounded CrossFitter".
This is one of my many goals for my clients, to be well rounded or to have balance. In turn this balance will creep positively into their lives pushing out the ego who always wants to finish first, and enjoying the fact that you are really frigging fit and life is great!!!

Below are the WODs I am having my clients do: Plus I joined in as well :-)

Monday WOD #1
As many rounds in 20min
10 WBS (W14)(M20)
20 Double Unders
10 SDLHP (W55)(M75)

ROUNDS = 14 + 20 reps (1st place)

Tuesday WOD #2
Complete for Time
50 KBS (W35)(M55)
30 Push-up Burpees
20 Box Jumps (W14")M20")

TIME = 3:05 Wanted sub 3min and I had it but box jumps were getting below standard for the event so I slowed it down. (1st place)

Wednesday: Recovery day
Recover your body
Stretch & roll at gym

Thursday WOD #3
3 X 400m Sprints
all for Total Time
Rest 3min B/t sets

Times: 1:05 / 1:07 / 1:13 = 3:25 (tied 4th place)

Friday WOD #4
As many reps as possible in 3min
Over Head Squat
Reps x weight = score

57 X 95lbs = 5415 points

1st = 100 points
2nd = 95
3rd = 90
4th = 89
5th = 88 and so on

Friday, June 12, 2009

OPT 5 WOD Challenge Results

Top 10 Males
1.) AFT Brett Marshall 40:50
2.) Unit 41:00
3.) OPT 41:15
4.) Jack 46:30
5.) Mike Fitz 47:25
6.) Chad Action Brandt 48:54
7.) Rory H. 49:15
8.) DeeJay 49:42
9.) Gagrage CrossFitter 49:54
10.) TMar 50:02
11.) Brent Maier 51.35
12.) Grant 56:48
13.) David X 60:01
14.) Jefff 61:20

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


In the order you choose...all wod's must be completed by Thursday PM

Workout 1
for time;
100 reps - SA alternating DB squat snatch - 40# DB
TIME = 9:34 (this was my 4th WOD, 2nd of day 2)

Workout 2
3 rounds for time;
Row 350 m
21 SDLHP - 95#
30 chin ups
TIME = 14:10
(This was my 3rd WOD, 1st of day 2)

Workout 3
Run 1K four times for total working timeno more than 20 minutes rest b/t sets, no less than 5 minutes

TIMES & Rest Times
1.) 3:18 (5min rest)

2.) 3:23 (8min rest)
3.) 3:32 (6min rest)
4.) 3:20 (20min rest)

Workout 4
10 rounds for time;
5 chin ups
10 push ups
15 squats
TIME = 5:47 (This was my 2nd WOD of day 1)

Workout 5
for time;
50 double unders
25 knees to elbows
30 box jumps - 20"
35 KBS - 1.5 pd
25 push up burpees
50 double unders
TIME = 5:39 (this was my 1st WOD of day 1)

Winner of total time of 5 workouts receives a free 45 minute biosignature modulation consultation including lifestyle, nutrition and supplementation from OPT
WOD 5 video

Sunday, June 07, 2009


Hey all, just got back from Edmonton/Calgary trip.
the WOD for the Challenge was:

As many Rounds in 15min of:
10 Chest to Floor Push-ups
15 Power Cleans 95# men / 65# women
ROUNDS: 11+12reps

This placed me 4th overall, 4 reps out of 3rd.
I left it all on the floor and in the process found some great lessions to learn from. Great trip, great people!

Pretty tired right now as I also trained today at OPT in Calgary. I will post that workout later.

I have a video of the ICC Challenge that I will post up as well when I get more energy.
Need to refuel and relax.

Here are the ICC Results:
Name Score
Erik S 12 +10
Kurt M 11 +21
Bobby K 11 +16
Chad B 11 +12
Dave D 11 +5
Graham Hanah 10 +20
Cam B 10 +19
Chris M 10 +17
Brian C 10 +12
Auty B 9 +16
Aaron C 9 +10
Chad W 9 +10
Steve B 9 +9
Kevin C 9
Darron B 9
Brett G 8 +19
Dustin M 8 +17
Graham Ho 8 +10
Chris H 8 +7
John B 6 +19
Greg P 6 +13
Mark Ch 5 +12
Mick G 5 +11

Name Score
Andrea K 9 +23
Becky H 9 +22
Elizabeth H 9 +7
Christa W 9 +3
Lisa D 9
Brieanne R 8 +21
Suzanne B 8 +3
Natasha N 8
Sandra D 8
Meaghan B 7
Tania M 7
Jenny H 7
Karen O 6 +14
Tala 6 +8
Justine I 10 +11 (Scaled)
Lauren I 8 +13 (Sc)
Tara 7 +23 (Sc)
Jen Ch 5 (Sc)

Thursday, June 04, 2009


As many Rounds in 7min
15 Power Cleans 95#
10 Chest to Floor Push-ups

I was trying few different ways in this video to feel what was going to allow me to perform one round per min. Dropping the bar and resetting seemed to work best. If this is allowed at the Edmonton Challenge it's in my plan.
The WOD in Edmonton is
As many rounds in 15min of the above exercises.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009


build to a tough but manageable 3 reps in the OHS
perform no more than 5 sets to get there
rest as needed b/t sets
5 L ups, 30 sec rest x 6
as many sets of 15 unbroken double unders in 3 min; focus on speed

post OHS weight and sets of DU's in 3 min to comments if you break the 15 DU's, you start again at 0, and that set does not countyou MUST stop after 15 reps and every set of 15 reps; you CANNOT perform single unders in b/t, the rope must stop


OHS: 135/155/165/175/185X2 (PB) fail on last rep. Sat in the hole great, lost balance at top.
I have had a goal for almost 1year to OHS my body weight...well I did it today, twice! Almost three times. I am pumped!!!

LUps: 5/5/5/5/3+2/3+2 I never dropped off the bar, but legs dropped out of position on 3+2's

DU's: 12 Rounds. Did these in bare feet, have not missed that many reps in a while. I'll stick with shoes, that hurt!!

Monday, June 01, 2009


As Many Reps in 12 Minutes:

Handstand push ups score = BWT in kg multiplied by reps in 12 minutes
also include distance in inches b/Italict hands on floor
(i.e. 75 kg x 50 reps = 3750 as score)
crown to floor on ALL reps
rep DOES NOT count if you are coming down from wall/support as you are extending your arms; you must extend arms fully BEFORE lowering to ground


86.8kg X 84HSPU = 7291.2
Distance btwn hands = 39-42"
Here is a picture of my client Ryan D.R. aka "ShamWow" aka Shammy....yes he sweats A LOT! He won the "Best Looking Lift" award at our last Deadlift-O-Rama lifting 425lbs; the bonus of this award is you get to wear the Best Lift Glasses for the day. Way to go Shammy!!