Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Online Nutrition Prescription Client = Steph Starting = January 163lbs Today = June 146lbs Weight Lost = 17lbs Inches lost = 40" (Our Intent and Focus) BAM!!! In working with Stef our first goal was to increase her calories...yes eat more food! We wanted to get her body revving up, having great energy in workouts, plus recovering from workouts, sleeping great and waking up with vigor. The calories she started with were not going to do this, so in phase 1 we started upping her food slowly at first. with the goal of creating a larger caloric buffer diet down from. Yes diet down on more food rather that less....doesn't that sound good! We started seeing immediate results with the increase in carbs, fats and protein and Steph started to love counting macros have having the flexibility to choose the foods she liked after hitting her prerequisite foods prescribed by me :-) She kept asking me, "Why more food, really, aren't you supposed to eat less to burn fat?" I told her to trust in this process, enjoy the food increases and most of all be patient as we are going for inches lost. Once we hit a set point in her weight, we then made a small deficit via food & prescribed carido via energy system protocol to go along with her workouts. Today this is where we are at and we could not be more proud of Steph's accomplishments thus far :-) When starting a transformation journey most tend to look at the scale measuring progress and place all their hard work and dedication to 3 numbers that mean literally nothing to them! This scale watching is throwing most of you out of your actual INTENTION towards physical transformation. Knowone on the street or in the mall cares about your weight! What they care about is the actual physical transformation saying, "Dam she looks fantastic, I want that!". It is a physical transformation!!!! I guess you could wear your scale around your neck and show off that you lost 1 pound, like Flavor Flave! But really if you want to FEEL success try focusing on these areas: -inches lost -how your clothes feel -weekly photos -monthly measurements. In performing these tasks you are creating a healthier step forward towards progress and keeping the Focused Intent on your physical transformation goals. . When you are using inches lost this is actually something you can physically see and measure. What you do not want to do: - do cardio and step on the scale - binge eat the night before and step on the scale - step on the scale late at night after eating and drinking water all day - step on the scale just because you worked out harder than normal and expect a miracle - step on the scale just because you finally followed your nutrition plan for one day, expecting another miracle. *Please oh please, let your coaches use your scale weight as a tool to progressing you forward towards your physique and transformation goals. They are the masterminds helping to guide you, they have the knowledge, trust them! So when your coach asks for your weight, simply wake up, get the scale done, put the number in your phone and be done with it. Then put your pants on an notice how loose they are fitting! My point, change the way you think in terms of your fitness journey's progress and use Focused Intent on inches lost. Keep up the great work Steph!!! Chad

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Winning can mean many things. It is up to you to set yourself up with mini successes along your journey by working hard, accepting the road bumps, and sticking to the plan. If you put the work in and be consistent, you will get the results as your INTENT is rock solid on your goal. Unfortunately if you half ass your efforts and your INTENT is an unfocused scattered mess, then please expect unfocused scattered results. TIP: Step 1 - you must have your head right prior to making the commitment to physique transformation! #teamaction #teambrandt #actionconditioning Need help? Today is our last day to get 25% off all Nutrition Prescription programs....plus you get to choose your start date as we want Step 1 to be right for you! Email us: info@actionconditioning.ca #chadaction #transformation #train #confront #lifestyle #diet #fitat40 #fitness #change #progress #prep #believe #intentions #intent #focus

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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Holy Shit balls!!!! What a night and it is still just hitting me! 1st place Masters. 1st place Middleweight. 1st place winning the overall and granted the title WNBF Pro Bodybuilder😜 A huge thanks goes to my wife for coming with me all the way to Winnipeg, helping me with everything from tanning, driving, keeping my head straight and just being on our supportive #teambrandt #teamaction 👌🏼💪🏼 Another huge thank you goes to my super supportive coach @3dmj_godfather 👍🏼 We did it buddy!!! One more show to go😀 Thank you for all you do!!! Now time t take my wife out to the Keg for some good meat eats😍 #actionconditioning #3dmj #inbfcanada #wnbf #fitat40 #probodybuilder #ripped #aesthetics #win #overall #masters

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Congratulations to Head Coach Chad Brandt for the triple crown today in Winnipeg at the INBF Central Naturals! Chad placed 1st in the Masters, Open Middleweight, and Overall Categories. Chad is now a WNBF Pro!

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Most Muscular from today's bodybuilding show in Winnipeg #inbf #inbfcanada #aesthetics #magnum #goldenageaesthetics #eatandtrainlikeapro #chadaction #actionconditioning #teambrandt #teamaction #3dmj #buff #ripped #fitat40

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A little Side Chest from my bodybuilding show today in Winnipeg #inbfcanada 😅 Fingers crossed 💪🏼 #actionconditioning #teambrandt #teamaction @3dmj_godfather #3dmj #aesthetics #muscle #bodybuilder #ripped #buff #fitat40 #progress #eatandtrainlikeapro #prepare #goldenageaesthetics #inbf @markuskaulius #magnum

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There will be no Saturday Strength and Conditioning classes for the rest of the summer, but we will resume them again in fall. If you find yourself missing a Saturday workout feel free to drop in ($12 + gst) for Coach Joel's 9am - 10am "Wacky Workout" class instead! :)

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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Making prep macros bro style easy tonight 😜 When you're hungry choosing foods that are larger in volume and lower in macros really helps keep you full and satisfied longer👍🏼 Aka veggies are large in volume and low in calories. Captain Crunch cereal is small in volume, high in macros and will leave you wanting more, not helping matters during prep!!😖 #chadaction #actionconditioning #macros #iifym #broeating #teamaction #actionkitchen #bodybuilder #eatabdtrainglikeapro #prep #prepare #prepplate

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Reverse Prep video: http://youtu.be/WwDAgT1HO3w Some Points to help out taken from video and some extra🌲💪🏻Post show you are Still on prep! Respect your hard work and don't quit! Two types of people: the new physique athlete you have created and the new you!! You must treat both with respect so counting macros daily with ranges to fill the physique athlete and then having a life for the other you by implementing a free meal with friends:) Slowly reversing cardio bit by bit until healthy maintenance. Increase in training volume slowly. Adding in macros bi weekly to create a new caloric buffer for the next time you hit the stage. You want to diet down on more food next time? Get this shit right:-) Nibbling and not counting is not helping. Binging non stop is going to harm you in so many ways! Having a planned mid week and weekend mini refeeds to keep sanity helps! Try starting small by adding 50-100g carbs mid week. Having 1 meal per week untracked. This meal does have boundaries so treat it with respect and relax when having this. Knowing that you cannot hold this contest shape moving forward as it is unhealthy, but the goal is to create a new set point via body weight and a new offseason look aka the physique athlete offseason look, then your regular self looks nice all year... Again goal is another show dieting down on a larger caloric intake. How to slowly add in macros weekly or bi weekly based on biofeedback: 10-20g P&C and 5g fats. Remember this also depends on the individuals response to the added foods and how prep went. Athletes goals is to track how they are feeling daily via: waking with increasing vigor, hormones feeling more balanced, training is feeling good, food relationship improving, self esteem growing from the hard work in your reverse prep. #chadaction #actionstyle #actionconditioning #prep #reverseprep #diet #macros #inbfcanada #idfa #bodybuilding #bodybuilder #physique #aesthetics #nutrition #fitat40 #fitness #teambrandt #teamaction #cardio #coach #muscle #motivate #intentions

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Friday, June 12, 2015

A90 clients - Krista and Morgan - killed their plyo workout and earned their samples of KaizenNaturals protein!

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Adherence and Consistency are the keys to your physique success 💪🏼. #myfitnesspal has these cool charts showing you progress over time. As you can see I did not rush my progress for my prep this competition year, I started very slowly and gradually made progress over the year. My goals were to keep on as much muscle as I could, enjoy all foods, create a higher caloric buffer in my offseason so my prep had more calories to lean out on and lastly to enjoy the process that fit my life! A trend I see in those that are successful is consistency day in and day out! This goes just the same for those that fall off the wagon...yes you are consistent at going to extremes that are not matching up with what will give you success! Example: stopping all carbs when you where eating a shit load of them prior to making this choice....do you think you will last? No! You will for a few days then go back to carbs. This is not fun nor is it productive or healthy. Stop hurting yourselves and going to extremes, put in the work, be consistent, be patient and adhere to your plan, not wavering one bit! Most important enjoy the journey🌟 Need help contact us at info@actionconditioning.ca #chadaction #actionconditioning #actionkitchen #consistency #contestprep #fatloss #goals #aesthetics #natural #natty #bodybuilder #buff #builtataction #ripped #adherence #goals #goldenaesthetics #fitat40 #fitness #prep

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Saturday, June 06, 2015

Way to close out the night Team Action! Adding to their novice results: 3rd DuWayne Hoesing masters bodybuilding 2nd Jody Moltz masters fitness model 1st Jody Moltz masters figure

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My super hot preggers wife judging these awesome physiques tonight at the #idfa Calgary Classic we me😍😘 #teambrandt #idfacalgary2015 #judging #bodybuilding #physique #figure #fitnessmodel #physique #aesthetics #fitcouple #fitwomen #beauties #babes @katrinabrandt429

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I suck at taking these over the shoulder selfies but I had to get a pic of my favourite DJ @djstazen spinning at the #idfacalgary2015 show😜👍🏼😎💪🏼 #chadaction #dj #bodybuilding #bikini #figure #physique #fitnessmodel #fitwomen #beauties #ripped #judging #idfa @idfamania @katrinabrandt429 @henjen4 #aesthetics #hotties #hardatwork

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#teamaction cleaning up at #idfacalgary2015 in this morning's novice show👍👊🏼 Our clients from left to right Nicoleen, Kelsey, Jody & Cherie. #actionconditioning #chadaction #figure #bikini #fitnessmodel #aesthetics #hot #judging #ripped #fitwomen #beauties #idfa @katrinabrandt429 @henjen4 @idfamania

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Judging the #idfacalgary2015 show with these two beautiful IDFA pros!! Great morning show and now onto the night show😎 #idfa #chadaction #actionconditioning #teambrandt #teamaction @katrinabrandt429 @henjen4 #bodybuilding #physique #figure #fitnessmodel #bikini #judging #aesthetics

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Monday, June 01, 2015

My wife @katrinabrandt429 knows how to cheer me up always 😍Superman socks and Comic books😘 The awesome part, I have to train legs tomorrow and I am rocking the SupSocks for sure👊🏼👍🏼. Thank you babe😙XO #chadaction #superman @dccomics #socks #comicbooks #comics #manofsteel #calves #bodybuilder #natty #natural #legs #wife #love #effort

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Ah my first workout post INBF show and it felt great to be back crushing weights! Time to bring an even better 40 year old package to the stage👊 Have a great day in and out of the gym peeps👍😀 #chadaction #actionconditioning #condition #muscle #ripped #natty #natural #bodybuilding #fitat40 #bodybuilder #inbfcanada #idfa #fitness #teamaction #teambrandt #consistency #prep #contestprep #eatandtrainlikeapro #effort #forty

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We have a Summer Action 90 Transformation Program running June 10 to August 30!! Class time is MW&Th 8-9pm If you are looking to lose weight, lose inches, look great in the summer, and learn about establishing a long term healthy lifestyle; then this program is for you! What's Included? - gym membership - nutrition seminar & nutrition plan for optimum results - program guide/manual - 3 coached resistance training workouts per week - 3 energy system development workouts per week - unlimited and constant email guidance/check ins with coach for questions and an individualized approach We've had many individuals lose 20-30 inches, 20-30 lbs, and down 3 pant sizes while following this 3 month program. To register: http://ift.tt/1HwFLSp

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