Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Coach B's go to salads when short on time:
"The Easy Sprout Salad"
1 cup chopped cabbage
1 cup broccoli sprouts (yes sprouts you will find these in the produce refrigerator section)
1/2 cup cooked black beans
1 can drained white tuna
15g sliced almonds
7.5ml flax seed oil
Add spices in to kick it up: hot sauce is a good choice

Servings          1     /     2
Calories = 501kcal /  250.5kcal
Protein =        54g / 27g
Carbs =         29g / 14.5g
Fats =           19g / 9.5g
Fiber =          12g / 6g


Coach B's super steamer! This bad girl is 3 levels!
Katrina and I actually took this to competition once and steamed salmon in level 1
sweet potato in level 2
broccoli/cauliflower in level 3.....in our hotel room!
Worked like a charm!
We purchased this beauty at Superstore.
Get one and save time!

Coach B's Daily Ritual

How do you get ready to have the most successful day via nutrition? 
Below is a little insight to Coach B's daily ritual =
pre cardio 15g protein
eat breakfast
In picture =
snack 1
pre workout meal
post workout shake
20min post protein

Still left to eat are =
snack 2
snack 3

90% of your success is from nutrition and how you plan your day.
No plan = no success.....simple

What you do not want your day to look like:
wake = no food or bowl of processed cereal, coffee, 2 sugar,
1 creamer
snack = 1 fruit, cup yogurt, 1 bagel
lunch = no food, coffee, 2 sugar, 1 creamer
snack = 1 yogurt, coffee, 2 sugar, 1 creamer
dinner = chicken, salad, apple, glass wine
late snack = ravenous! Eat tones of chocolate almonds, glass wine, bowl of chips or cereal
sleep = like sh*#..........need help.....info@actionconditioning.ca

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Brussel Sprouts Challenge

The Brussel Sprout :-) or :-(
Yes from my early childhood I dreaded the evil sprout at the dinner table. I do remember having long battles with my parents sitting at the dinner table after hearing my mother say,"you are not leaving the table until you are done your brussel sprouts, how are you going to get strong"ah she even knew back then what buttons to push. I would then give in, plug my nose and swallow the sprouts whole....haha then look at my muscles (things have not changed!)

NOW....I love Brussel Sprouts! They rock.... I FEEL GREAT AFTER EATING BRUSSEL SPROUTS!

What are B-Sprouts
- Brussel sprouts are small leagy green buds
- They resemble miniature cabbages
- Rich in protein and dietary fiber (bingo)
- Great vitamins and antioidants (Vit A,E, and C)
- Bone Builder = Vit K
- Eye Protector = Zeaxanthin

100g of Brussel Sprouts yeild
Calories = 45kcal
Protein = 3.38g
Carbs = 8.95g
Fats = 0.30g
Fiber = 3.80g Nice!

The challenge will go until thie Friday, June 8th

I will give 1 free Action Conditioning Hoodie fort he BEST Brussel Sprout recipe.

I will give 1 free AC workout shirt for the BEST Brussel Sprout picture!

- You must be eating brussel sprouts in the picture! This is the only rule :-) 

Have fun and get creative :-)