Monday, August 31, 2009


A face only a mother could love ;-)
For Loads
Clean 3-3-3
Run 2000m
Clean 3-3-3
** ASAP when the last set of 3 reps is finished start your 200m run.
** Time the run and post loads to comments


155-165-175 (worked on exploding more from the hips. In my video I am donkey kicking the bar up, meaning hitting low-mid thigh and kneeing it up...need full extention)

200m run time = 7:24.03 (this is slow for me, have not been running...looks like I will start)

175-165-155 (tired after run and form was lacking, so I reversed the loads)

Friday, August 28, 2009


At my gym every week we host a LIFT-O-RAMA were every hourly class lifts to a team average, top team in the day gets to wear and own the Championship belt for the week. In addition we have huge Elvis Shades that are awarded for "The Best looking Lift", plus we recently added "The MOAH" Trophy that goes to the top male and female lifter of each hourly Team.
Today I got the honor of training with one of my long term clients Deirdre, it has been awhile since we lifted together and I had a blast!

Overhead Press with Queen "D" = 148lbs
I chose to wave load today:135-145-146-86-95-135-147.5-86X2-148#
Nice training with you again Deirdre, lots of fun and laughs!
Great work on your PB of 86#, you look sweet in those "Best Looking Lift" Shades!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Girl Killing it!

Picture of "Black Kat" Katrina Burton busting out more than body weight OverHead Squats.
Miss you Sugar! Hope your having fun in Fort that possible?

Tech Work:
High Hang Clean / Hang Clean / Clean 1.2.3 X 3; Rest 120sec b/t sets
Pre WOD Dynamic Warm up:
B.) OHS increasing load to above WOD weight; rest as needed
C.) Thurster increasing load to above WOD weight: rest as needed
Specific to WOD:
D.) Take the exercise couplets in the WOD and perform 3-5 reps of each exercise.
Make sure to move body and loads with "Intent" as if in middle of WOD.
E.) Practice breathing during lifts and gymnastic work
WOD: "The Moah"
15 OHS (W65#)(M95#)
15 Pull-ups
15 Thursters (same as above wt.)
15 Burpees (chest to floor, clap in air)
15 Squat Cleans
15 Knees to Elbows

TIME = 25:25

Round 1 = 6:19
Round 2 = 8:34
Round 3 = 10:32
Just plain too tired today to keep moving. Came out with a bang, but the Run Thruster WOD I did yesterday hampered me a little today.
Time to Eat, Sleep and Repair!

POST WOD nutrition (while still sweaty!!!):
Body Fat @ 8% / 40g Protein / 30g CHO / 0 Fat

3 scoops Recoverite
1 Scoop Dream Whey Protein
1 cup Blueberries
Vit c
B Complex
Vit E

1 hour later I will eat a ZONE meal of:
5-6 Blocks Protein
4 Blocks CHO
15-20 Blocks Fat

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Flasher! This is a NO NO!

A1.) Tech work on Hang Power Snatch 75# X 4 reps
Rest 30sec
A2.) Close Grip Bench Press 1RM
Rest 120sec
B.) Bent over Rows 3 x 8 reps; 2130 tempo
As many rounds in 10min
5 Thrusters 95#
1 Lap CFLA 337meters


A1.) Goals
Good use of full hip extension
Earlier scoop
Faster transition under the bar
Keep back set in 1/2 squat
Stop moving feet wide with pelvis tucked "The Flasher" I call it the "The Flasher" because its like a Flasher jumping out of the bushes (2nd pull), throwing his/her big jacket open jumping at you (jumping forward to recieve the bar in 3rd pull) and then pushing his/her crotch forward (hips) exposing him/herself (poor landing position, not getting hips and back set). Can you picture that? YUCK!

A2.) worked up to 200#
B.) 125/135/145 experimenting with these for a few weeks to see what develops in future pull-up workouts

WOD Rounds = 6
All Thrusters straight through, this was easy, it is the running that kills me :-)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

For Loads
A1.) Front Squat 5 X 5reps; Rest 60 sec
A2.) Push-Jerk Under Fatigue 5 x 1rep: Rest 120sec
3 Rounds for time
5 Pull-ups
Ladder HSPU (1-4)(4-5)(5-6)
15 KBS 53#
5 Muscle Cleans 95#


A1.) 125/135/145/165/185
A2.) as above (good tech work)
WOD TIME = 4:00
Off to Calgary for my buddy's wedding! Have a great weekend all!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Complete for time:
21 OHS 95# (OverHead Squats)
42 Pull-ups
15 OHS
30 Pull-ups
18 Pull-ups

TIME = 5:44

I sailed through all OHS, these were not a problem. Having not practiced a ton of Pull-ups latley due to our big gym move and not having the Pull-up bars put in until last week, killed me!
Too many breaks. I got 21 reps 11 reps 10 reps for first set and I knew that I was in trouble so I pushed as hard as I could in the OHS to give me more time on Pull-ups.
I believe I can get way lower than this time of 5:44. My new goal is 5:10-5min

This morning Jim and myself were first to arrive at CrossFit Lethbridge. Jim is starting to stretch out as I write the workout of the day on the board when Jim says, "Hey Chad take a look at this lizerd on the floor". We both thought it was one of the parents kids toys until we could see it breathing. Jim told me that these are great to eat, so I am cooking him up for breakfast....hey he is gluten free! Just kidding, we decided to put him back outside to be with his buddies, plus he was looking really dry. When my other clients arrived I asked them a good name that started with "S", Sid came out as their choice. Good times continue at 6am!This was the biggest Salamander I have ever seen or held. Strong little bugger, must have been lifting weights at night :-)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I was given an email from one of my clients which had the pictures below with their sugar content placed into a visual comparison. I am a very visual person and thought it would be great to share this information be it accurate or off a little, it still holds some truth.

If your a Yogurt fan and you buy Fat Free yogurt, your being dooped! Sure they take out the Fat, but they ADD sugar because fat was the flavor.
This sweetened yogurt is from the fake fruit inside. 6 1/2 cubes of sugar in 1 cup.
Yah lets put this in every magazine out there and say its the healthy choice!
Eat Plain prganic yogurt, or make your own

I know the kids and adults today love
their ketchup
(how the hell did they come up with this name?)
1 tablespoon of Ketchup has 1 cube of sugar!
Now how much do you put on your fries, hamburgers and eggs?
Keep adding up that sugar people!

Carrot comparison!
Yes Carrots have sugar, double the sugar when you cook them!

Oreo Cookies1 serving, 3 cookies (35g) Sugars, total: 14g
Equivalent amount of carrots: 298g Or approximately 10.5 oz.

My Favorite....and obviously Kelly Jo's (one of my clients who got caught in the act buying a Reese Butter Cup by one of my other clients; ah were all so close)
Surprisingly out of all the candy bars, this has the least sugar, but don't kid yourself it is still 20 GRAMS!
Reeses Peanut Butter Cups 2 pieces
(1 package/42g)
Sugars, total: 20g
Calories, total: 230
Calories from sugar: 80

Now the big bad Pop killer!
All you have to do is look!!!!
Diabetes & Obesity anyone?
Pictures from
Check out the Fruit section for all of you who eat fruit all day with no veggies.

Monday, August 17, 2009

WM = Weights & Met-Con Phase 1

For Loads:
Hang Power Snatch - 3,3,2,2,1,1; rest 120 sec
Dead Lift - 60% of 1RM - 8 sets of 2 reps; 45 sec b/t sets
5 sets for total working time;
12 power snatch (95#/65#)
36 double unders
rest 45 sec


3's: 105/115
2's: 135/135
1's: 140/140
DL @ 255 this was cake! Maybe DL PR went up :-)
Met-con = 5:52

My legs were all over the place today in landing HPS & PS as you can see in the video. Plus I could barley keep my hands on the bar in the later rounds. Have not missed a double under in a while, possible sign I am getting a little tired, felt like was wearing steal toe boots. Rest is needed!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fiber Composition Testing & G = Gymnastics Phase 1

Fiber Composition Testing:

1RM Press today = 140lbs (PB 149lbs)
A.) 140lbs X .75% = 105lbs
B.) Max Reps @ 105lbs = 10

C.) 10 reps = 40% Slow Twitch Fibers
D.) 140lbs X .40% = 56lbs to train STF
1+ HSPU ladder -
how far can you go on only 20 sec rest b/t reps?
rest 2 min
1+ L Up ladder -
how far can you go on only 20 sec rest b/t reps?
rest 2 min
6 sets for total working time;
25 burpees
rest 90 sec

crown to floor for HSPU; kipping allowed
start and end in full ext of arms and legs for L Up
1+ ladder means perform 1 rep, rest 20 sec, perform 2 reps unbroken, rest 20 sec, perform 3 reps unbroken, rest 20 sec...


1.) HSPU Ladder = 8 Rounds + 5reps
I did strict HSPU for all 8 rounds. 9th round I kipped from rep 1-5 and fell off wall DONE!

2.) L-Up Ladder = 6 Rounds + 1 rep
I am still sore from weighted chin-ups the other day. Legs still not fully straight to make the "L"
3.) 25 Burpees
I chose to do 3 sets of Burpees
:53 / 1:01 / 1:04
Not feeling any juice today so rule of thumb is:
"Keep INTENSITY the same and lower the VOLUME"

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Adam is one of my clients and has recently attained his goal of a pull-up. He has been working his tail of in the gym and out of the gym with his nutrition. Last week my clients presented our gym with a brand new BBQ, wow this thing is huge! At this presentation we used a projector to watch "Every Second Counts". During the movie there is a part where John Wellborne is doing chest to bar Pull-ups.....I started to look around the room for Adam and said, "if he can do it, you can do it big man!". Adam told me yesterday he was so influenced by John Welborn and the ESC movie, he used that to help get over the bar (and he is even calling himself on standards, love it).
Great job pal, keep attaining and setting those goals. (Sorry for he sidways video, I have now learned not to tilt my camera to fit in big guys doing pull-ups. I will try and fix this later).

John Welborn runs CrossFit Balboa:

"if you want to do anything, you find a way; if you don't want to do anything, you'll find an excuse" Coach FitzGerald "OPT"

Pic of Welborn dwarfing the competition.

Friday, August 14, 2009

WMG = Weights / Met-Con / Gymnastic

7 sets for total working time:
15 DB Push Press (M-35#/h)
25 Jumping Chin Ups
35 double unders
rest 1 min
Jumping Chin Measurment = 2 arms extended overhead bar should cross 8 inches below highest part of hand


1.) 57sec
2.) 1min
3.) 1min
4.) 1min
5.) 1:04 1 fraction on rep 3
6.) 1:05 1 fraction on rep 17
7.) 1:03

TOTAL = 7:09
Worked on some weighted Chins because my new pull-up system went in while I was at the level 2 cert.
1-1-1-1 @ 65-75-85-95lbs

Thanks Jummy Mac for the design and your Welding crew! I love it!!!

Coach Brandt's Rants

Got back late last night after attending the CF Level 2 cert at CFC HQ. I went down with Katrina as we and other fellow CrossFitters and training partners were the test subjects for the Level 2 Coaches. I wanted to be a test subject first before I take the Level 2 for a few reasons.
1.) get a feel of what this course is like for free
2.) help out my fellow training partners by being a test subject
3.) receive input on basic fundamentals from other coaches styles
4.) learn how the CFHQ instructors run level 2 and what they are looking for
5.) be better prepared for my level 2
6.) get to hang out and learn from some talented people
7.) work on the fundamental movements
I am a huge believer in always practicing your Fundamental movements as they are your foundation to improvement and a balanced body. I still to this day practice my Air Squat, Press, Deadlift, Push Press, Push Jerk, SumoDeadlift High Pull, Med Ball Clean....I could go on and on, these movements are essential for improvement. I see a lot of trainers out there and even some CrossFit Level 1 trainers start throwing all the latest exercise movements at their clients who still cannot even Air Squat without butt winking so bad that they could pick up a quarter off the ground..(but hey try this, I read it in "Gullible Fitness"). The level 2 certification really hits home on why you need the Fundamental Movements. Hell I was a test subject and probably did 500 MedBall Cleans and 500 Air Squats along with other exercises in 5 hours of movement coaching and I got critiqued on FORM and TECHNIQUE to improve my foundation, my body! If I was a client (and I am) I would choose a coach who always develops the fundamental movements, be it in warm-up, workout or cool down.....this coach knows what it takes to help build balanced healthy moving bodies for the LONG HAUL and not for the "Quick Fat Vanity Fix".

Thursday, August 13, 2009

WG Weights & Gymnsatics Phase 1

"if you want to do anything, you find a way; if you don't want to do anything, you'll find an excuse" Coach FitzGerald

For Loads:
A1.) 3 position hang power clean (high, mid thigh, knee) - 1.1.1 x 5; 120 sec rest
A2.) Dips @ 40X1; 6-8 x 5; 120 sec rest
B1.) 50% 1RM squat clean - 7 fast touch and go reps x 3 sets; 45 sec rest
B2.) 10 ring dips x 3 sets; 45 sec rest
C.) Tabata Janda sit ups - feet unanchored for low scorepost loads and reps to commentsJanda sit up is same as sit up position for upper body only that the knees are ALWAYS open away from each other, and the bottoms of the feet are touching each other at all times; come to parallel with floor at top and shoulders to floor at bottom


WOD done at CFC (1st wod as a 35 year old! Yikes! James still has me beat though yah old bugger!)
A1.)Hang Power Snatch (high, mid, knee)145,175,185,195
A2.)tempo ring dips 8,8,8,8,6
B1.)squat clean 7 reps @ 115 unbroken
B2.)ring dips x10 unbroken
C.) Tabata Jandas low score 6 (I need to work on these!)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Double Trouble

A1.) High Bar back Squat 1RM: 1-1-1-1-1;rest 180sec
A2.) Bench Press 1RM 1-1-1-1-1;rest 180sec

5 min rest

B1.) AMRAP 85% of A1.); 1 set; rest 180sec
B2.) AMRAP 85% of A2.) 1 set; rest 180sec

5min rest

C1.) 4 sets Tabata Mash Squats 20sec ON, 10sec rest
C2.) 4 sets Tabata Mash Push-ups Chest to Floor 20sec ON 10sec Rest


A1.) 225/235/245/235/225 (No spotter)
A2.) 205/210/215/215/205 (No spotter)

B1.) 3 reps @ 85% of 245 = 208# (HNE)
B2.) 4 reps @ 85% of 215 = 183# (HNE)
I need to try this test again, too tired. I am happy with the High Bar Back Squat, but more happy with the Bench Press, I usually get serious AC subluxation on my right side, but today none! Only a bit of discomfort.
Below are the testing components:

2-4 reps - high neuromuscular efficiency
5-8 reps - mid range
8+ reps - poor neuromuscular efficiency
C1.) 21/20/20/20 = 81 reps
C2.) 24/23/17/15 = 79 reps

*Remember when you see A1.) & A2.) that means these two exercises are done back to back even if rest is prescribed inbetween A1.) & A2.) as above.
*Tabata Mash is 20sec C1.) 10 sec Rest, 20sec C2.) 10 sec rest

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Create a Hero Workout

The goal today was to create a Hero WOD.

I chose to create this workout for my Papa (grandpa)


As Many Rounds in 20min

10 Power Snatch 75#
10 Ball Toss Hip Smashers 14#
10 GHD Sit-ups


I am not sure if I marked down my last round for 10 due to falling out of the GHD from being so tired, but my check marks say 9 rounds so that is what it is for now.

My goal for next time will be 11 Rounds

This one is for you Papa, I miss you!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009


A1. BB Forward Lunges @ 10X1; 4-6/leg x 4; 90 sec
(push through heel to get up; alternate legs/rep)
A2. Strict Ring Dips @ 2121; amrap x 4; 90 sec
B. Pistols @ 3011; 8-15/leg x 3 sets; 45 sec b/t legs(ass to grass, use assistance if needed but get full ROM)
C1. Heavy Implement Russian Step up @ 1110; 12-15/leg x 3; 60 sec
(carry something heavy wherever/however; bench at or higher than knee cap, place working leg on bench, step up and kick opposite knee as high as possible in air at top of step up; working leg remains on bench throughout set)
C2. Knees to Elbows @ 10X0; 20 x 3; 60 sec


-BB forward lunges-95,@ 8,8,6,6 reps per leg
-strict ring dips-10,10,10,10
-pistols were to a 14" box. I would do 3 reps one leg, switch, 3 reps other leg, switch and get to 15 reps per side X 3 sets. My hips and knees do not like pistols!
-H.I.Step-ups I used 95# bar @ 12 reps
-knees to elbows: lucky for my my Pull-ups bars are not in yet so I did:
Bosu Supine Knee-In to Elbows held onto my P-Bar legs.

I am friggen tied these days might take next two days off :-)

PROTEIN POWDER: What do you use?

Protein Powders:
A client of mine asked what I use as my protein powder or what I recommend. I use 3 kinds of Protein Powder cycled every couple months.

1.) High Alpha Whey Protein$$(in town @ Olivers)
By Ultimate
No artificial sweeteners, no sugar
Sweetened with Stevia
100% free of BSE, BGH, MSG & Wheat
It's Cold processed Whey
Good BCAA profile

2.) Living Protein $$$$(order online)
By: Living Fuel Rx
It's all Plant Protein (great for vegitarians)
NO soy, sugar, milk, gluten, whey, egg, hydroginated oils, yeast, GMO, pesticides, herbicides, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors
Great protein & Fiber blend
Enzymes added
Probiotics added
Plant based amino acids
Vitamin C buffered

3.) Hormone Free Dream Whey$$$(order online or get at OPT)
By: Greens First
Artificial Sweeteners
Hydrolyzed Whey Protein
Glycemic Index

Tuesday, August 04, 2009


A1. Stiff Legged DL @ 3020; 6-8 x 4; 90 sec
A2. HSPU @ 2121; amrap x 4; 90 sec
(for HSPU, measure the distance from one deltoid to the next, this is the distance your hands must be placed apart on the floor - draw a line if you have to; a portion of the thumb and pointer finger must be touching)
B. Chest to Bar Chin Up Ladder - 1-10-1; rest as needed b/t reps to ensure no fractions
C1. DB Back Extensions @ 4022; 6-9 x 3; 60 sec
C2. GHD Sit ups @ 2020; 25 x 3; 60 sec

A1. 196,220,230,230 X6-8
A2. 3,2,3,2 HSPU's getting better, the narrow grip is a rough go for me
B. 7:55 C2B Box Pull-ups with feet on box. Pul-up system goes in tomorrow :-)
C1. 30lb x8
C2. Straight through abs still recovering from ANNIE last week new PB of 4:56!!

Monday, August 03, 2009

CrossFit / MMA Style

Having a little fun experimenting with MMA & CrossFit exercises and methodologies.
Working on keeping explosive movements high in the Short Term and Intermediate Energy Systems.
Using my Finished Circuit Time as the REST Time for that specific SET.
The REST time will change as one fatigues. In order to stay in the above energy zones keeping the REST Times the same, lower or higher, try adjusting the volume of the sets (e.g. the reps 20-15-10) this will keep you in the energy system you want if fatigue is starting and the movements are not explosive.

Sunday, August 02, 2009


As I walk around town I get people stopping me now asking me about CrossFit; Great I love that, keep it coming! I also get to hear peoples stories of how they lost 50lbs on the "I just put my body through hell, my hormones are now thrashed and for some reason I can't sleep, soup diet!". I also get to hear injury stories and when they thought they were their fittest; Cool!
You know what I listen to everything they say, I nod my head in agreement, why? because I have been there searching for what is going to help me get in shape the quickest, cheapest easiest way possible. THIS IS WHERE I WENT WRONG! BIG TIME!

The one statement I hear is "CrossFit is too expensive". It drives me crazy when I hear this!
I have seen and herd it all, nothing surprises me, but this statement pisses me off!

It kills me inside that there are so many people out there that pay a gym membership that can buy you a Costco roll of toilet paper, and they expect to learn and get fit from this! WHAT!
While these people will pay $8 for a fancy coffee, $70 for a new shirt, $500 for a bullshit University class taught by a teacher who could care less and $12 for a fitness magazine to curb a craving to sweat. I will not even talk about how much MONEY people pay to keep their car running, but don’t put that into their body? What the hell gets you around day in and day out? YOUR BODY!
OR you could watch Soap reruns & sports highlights on the treadmill at your local globo gym, later copying that guy or girl who are doing cool exercises, chit chatting between sets that do not reward rest, while complaining to the staff that the TV is on the wrong channel and there are no towels, then calling that your workout!??? HEY YOU ARE WAISTING YOUR MONEY!

I have been on this path to quick and lazy fitness, it does not work!!!! The effort you put in is what you will get out. Quick and easy = PROBLEMS remember this!!!

At CrossFit I teach you how to attain your INNER ATHLETE! We all have one inside of us. It works with and is similar to your ‘Inner Voice’. To find it, you have to play like a kid again, have fun, move your body, build positive inner energy, pushing out the negative, compete with yourself daily, sweat and use the help of others who are on your path. (those people you train with now are defiantly on your same path watching TV on the treadmil. That is exactly what you will get out of it: Master TV Watching Walker)
You need to challenge yourself daily, I teach this by programming the workouts daily to be constantly varied functional movements done at high intensity. While doing this programming you get Personal training daily, learning all movements/exercises needed to perform the workout efficiently and safely.
Do you get this at your gym? DAILY?
Do you have others keeping you motivated before, during and after your workouts, sweating right along with you, ON YOUR SAME PATH?
All you have to do is "walk through that door" our coaching staff will do the rest!

I will stop here, I feel like a friggen infomercial! I hate that!
Remember I have been down that quick and easy path to vanity fitness, it does not work at all. Now I train my body and mind to be healthy, to be able to handle challenges thrown at me in any situation. I am focused on training my Inner Athlete and finding balance, looking good is the bonus I receive for my efforts :-)
Check out this video: