Thursday, July 21, 2011

TEST YOURSELF!!! It is not only about the time and ranking.

In fitness and in life we have grown to be incredibly hard and negative on ourselves, always challenging and comparing to past situations, times, events, scores, results and people. WHY? Why do we always look to compare ourselves after a hard effort, or run time, or another person when the first thing you should be doing is rewarding yourself for your hard excellent effort!

I have seen this too many times; an individual gives 100% on a abdominal test, only to say when finished, "that sucked". I ask "why?" They respond, "I used to do this many and my friend can do way more."

There is NO positive self pat on back at all when finished for positive growth, it goes straight to negativity, manifesting more unhealthy situations in the future towards becoming healthy; the outcome being the "roller coaster effect" of ups, downs, starts and finally stops.

Is some sort of comparison ok and healthy? Yes when you think you're ready.....In my point of view and personal experience in sport and fitness, one should challenge themselves first, get to a positive place within and towards their body, this will help growth and build confidence as an individual prior to challenging anything else.

Simply put, the effort you give towards your fitness or anything in life, should be rewarded by you and you alone and be proud of it!

For those that are ready to see 1.5mile rankings look below.

1.5mile Run Test….why do we test this? Is it just for a time?
Our Order of Importance:
1.) challenge a fear of getting uncomfortable
2.) show yourself desire and that you can do it!
3.) conquer your old negative self
4.) manifesting the person you see in your mind’s eye!
5.) be proud of what you just accomplished
6.) test your current fitness level
7.) challenge a past time
8.) rank yourself amongst an age group

Friday, July 01, 2011


NUTRITIONAL HOME SELF HELP TEST: write down everything you eat on a regular day. *try not to be the eating clean super hero on this day and eat the best you have eating in 10years! This will not give forth any valuable information to grow from.

STEP 1 = scribe one day food that is similar to what you eat daily

STEP 2 = make a 7 column worksheet AFTER you have scribed your daily meals. Place these
Marcronutrients as your column titles = Protein, Veggies, Fruits, Starchy Carbs, Fat, Real Food, Fake Food

STEP 3 = analyze your food and mark down what your eating under the macro columns.
*TIP = nuts, seeds, nut butters fall under the FAT marcro title. Yes these do have trace amounts of protein, but do not contain full spectrum amino acids to be defined as a whole protein source.

- your starchy carbs and fruits are usually the high numbers and protein, veggies and fat are non existent!
Furthermore your Fake Food column is one of your highest numbers.

- simply start to switch out your starchy carbs replacing them with veggies.
- start to add 1 protein meat source with each meal
- begin to add some healthy fats with each meal e.g. nuts, seeds, olive oil, coconut oil, fish oil
- Do this NOW; overhaul your pantry and throw out all that Fake Food processed crap like, crackers, sugary cereals, cookies, treats...really anything that comes in a box or has ingredients that would make you fail a spelling test! Time to eat whole mother earth foods!
*If anyone needs help with their nutrition, please email so we can get you back on track and back to action!