Thursday, February 05, 2015

AC Teens class rocking it tonight! 5rm deadlifts then learned how to power clean. I think we may have some more Junior National Champions coming up in the mix!

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Dat upper body push hypertrophy workout that makes you so pumped up you think you are super hero you take an office selfie LOL 👍👌It is all about what YOU think peeps! So think you are, know you are and be happy with progress!!! I am 22 weeks out and in my first week of prep. I like to take this long so I can retain as much muscle as I can to compete with those younger monsters, plus not beat the shit hell out of my 40 year old body💪 Goal is to be show ready 3 weeks out and then fine tune!!! #idfa @idfamania #chadaction #actionconditioning #builtataction #bodybuilder #fitat40 #physique #prep @actionconditioning #natural

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I had a great question today from a client who is frustrated with progress that made me write a couple of my personal insights that I have come to learn over my 20+ years of training and coaching clients. My goal of writing this is for those those wanting results, but might be missing the mark to really make that change. We need to learn your limiting factors and begin to make them strengths! 
Everyone wants to be fit, look great, kick ass in the gym, the kitchen and maybe brag about it a little because you are proud of yourself; this is a constant. Some simply hit a wall and cannot find success. Here are some limiting factors that can hinder progress that you must acknowledge and turn into strengths! 
1. Pain to train = For beginners working out, cardio, lifting and eating to support the above, usually turns out to be a HUGE Sacrifice, pain and ongoing battle. How will results come from this? Find the love and passion in what you are doing! Become invested!!! 
2. Blasting out of the gate = A Beginner normally blasts out of the gate with 100% effort after not training or doing anything at all in terms of proper training and nutrition for months to years! These beginners are known to get sick and fall off the wagon in 2-3 weeks as they were not ready for this! Intensity is great and needed, but must be progressed properly! 
3. Intermediates who are missing a part of the equation = those who you have seen in the gym sporadically, maybe working out hard 1-2 days per week, but always at 100% effort because they love it. What these people lack are nutrition, sleep and recovery. These people are always catching colds, getting sick, telling everyone on Facebook they are sick again, wondering why they are always sick, having to start over again and again because they love to train. 
4. Make it a lifestyle "I feel great!!" = On the other side of the coin you have your Intermediate clients that just get it! These people plan their day, have a coach for some guidance and accountability. These people yearn to lift, train, track, eat and improve, making their journey a way of life. (last night all I could think about was killing it in the gym the next day with some squats & deadlifts, plus what I was going to fuel and recover my body with nutritionally!!!). 
5. Energy output "training the right way" = as stated above some beginners go too hard out of the gate, but the majority need to learn how to dig in more with training and stop expecting 95% results from a 60% effort in the gym & the kitchen. There is a fine balance here and having a coaches guidance can really help find this right energy output to enhance results & sound recovery. On the flip side, Intermediate to advanced clients need to learn how to recover better, enhance sleep, stop chasing the weight, develop technique, & incorporate deload weeks. These people tend to always want more and devalue rest, hindering results (more does not always equal more results). 
These are some of my personal thoughts and opinions to help you find your limiting factor. Once you find it, do your homework and make it your super strength!!! 
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