Friday, December 30, 2011

Thinking about getting fit, but do not have any idea of where to start?
At Action Conditioning we help guide your fitness needs; let us help
Here is a mini at home fit test to see where you are at. Please try this at home:
Step 1 = Warm-up well by doing a 5min brisk walk, and practicing the exercises below doing 3-4 reps each.
Step 2 = Give yourself about 90sec rest between exercises.
1st if the 5min walk killed you, then get your butt to AC for some help
2nd if the walk and warm up reps is all you had in the tank, call 403-381-1313; book your free consult
3rd Break out the video camera and video your form/technique during mini fit test
Mini Fit Test:
- 10 Spot On form push-ups from feet that you can be proud to demo in a high school gym
(What to look for in video = if you have butt sag, head poke, nose poke, hands are past your head and not under shoulders, feet and legs jammed together, shoulder blades not tracking, one arm does more work than the other, only going partially down)
- 30sec Super Front Plank Hold on elbows “think someone could eat their breakfast off my back”
Place your feet on some sort of riser or step so that your body is in a flat line when you go into plank.
(What to look for in video = butt sag, feet and legs jammed together,  shoulder blades touching, head is hanging out of neutral alignment)
- A Positive score on Sit and Reach  = aka fingers hover over and past toes; held for 3 sec
“think, if I cannot touch my toes now, sign me up for low back physiotherapy when I am older”
(what to look for in video = really look and feel your starting posture “are you sitting tall or is your back hunched over with straight legs even before you start the test, knees bending to help reach,  you pulled on your toes to help get past, you tried the test three times to get a positive score, you could not hold for 3 sec with fingers in the air, burning sensation in calves, pinch in low back)
* We would love to help you out this year with your fitness goals via our AWESOME Gym, or online training. Please contact us or 403-381-1313.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

  • Reason #7 Why Lifting Ladies and Action 90 programs work so well for women and men who want to shed body fat & improve their lifestyles.
    - A wise man once told me “those who track, stay on track!”
    - So many people go by the scale and only the scale when starting a new fitness program, when there are way more positive measurements to help guide and track progress.
    I hear about so many people who start a fitness kick who jump on the scale after two workouts thinking they will see this miracle weight loss “isn’t going to happen”.
    - Weight loss takes time, as it took time to put the weight on. Additionally, losing weight fast, will only come back to haunt you as your body will just throw it back on due to severe hormonal breakdown.
    - In our AC programs we help individuals set successful goals in private consultations.
    - We teach how to measure specific body parts and sites to help track inches lost and why!
    - In tracking inches lost, you can see and feel many benefits like:
    - Insulin control
    - Carbohydrate usage
    - hormonal balance
    - “ The Shorts Hike” = Yes the best functional measurement we all see in class is the infamous “Shorts Hike” = my clients are constantly pulling their shorts and pants up during their workouts because they keep falling off! NOW THAT IS TRACKING IN A POSITIVE WAY
    Here are a few tracking measures we do at AC
    - Body caliper hormonal testing (booked appointment, private)
    - Specific body part girth measurements (waist, hips, arms, ect)
    - Athletic performance measurements (strength, endurance, power, speed, flexibility, ect)
    - Metabolic type testing (what foods work for you and your metabolic type)
    - Nutrition Prescription: food journalling (do you really know how much you are eating?)
    In the end we like to see Positive changes in all areas; we want you to stay in the driver’s seat, so you LEARN how to keep moving forward.
    We also want to show you that positive measurements are great, but one can also see a positive in a negative measurement. Example; you gained 1 inch on your waist. Now you need to turn into your own Sherlock Holmes, look back into your food journals, did you over or under eat? Were you doing all the cardio and did you hit all the workouts? When you find the setback, it will have a lesser chance to turn into a habit and that is positive information!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Reason #6 Why Lifting Ladies and Action 90 programs work so well for women and men who want to shed body fat & improve their lifestyles.
- Our programs are designed towards improvement in all areas of life and health. Each program has been tailored towards a specific goal. In all programs the heart is always one of our main focuses.
- Research has found that when training total body workouts, three times per week, for three months (90days), demonstrated a decreased in diastolic blood pressure (bottom number) by an average of 8 points!
- This 8 point reduction is enough to lower the risk of a heart attack by 15% and lower a stroke chance by 40%! In 90 days!
- Give the gift of health and life to yourself or another this holiday season. Register for one of our many great programs.
Make the decision to start living a healthier life today.
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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Reason #5 Why Lifting Ladies and Action 90 programs work so well for women and men who want to shed body fat & improve their lifestyles.
- Osteoporosis is becoming more prevalent in our population these days for poor nutrition and lack of physical activity. After the age of 35 men and women can lose up to 0.3-0.5% each year and can get worse is lifestyle is poor.
- Our programs at Action Conditioning help to battle osteoporosis by incorporating proper weight training, flexibility, core conditioning, lifestyle coaching and sound nutrition.
- Lifestyle change = it is that simple. You must adopt sound nutrition and supplementation.
- Men who have low testosterone are at risk as well= weight training helps boost T levels and those T levels are needed for bone density
- Women with lower estrogen levels are at risk because bone density needs estrogen = lifting weights will produce more testosterone levels and due to the body’s natural balancing ability, estrogen levels will increase from the increase in T levels; creating balance.
- speaking of BALANCE = those who fall with osteoporosis tend to have severe breaks and in a lot of cases can lead to death = weight training will also increase BALANCE and SPACIAL AWARENESS limiting the risk of falls.
- Weekend Warriors = we all want to get into shape, but please do not go out and think you can run a 10k or half marathon or jump right into your old weight training program if you have been inactive for a long time. WHY? There really are not any signs or symptoms of osteoporosis other than pain.
Please go see a Doctor prior to starting exercise and have a consultation with a personal trainer to help set up a program that can get you started....doing the later will just get you injured and most likely not wanting to train again.
- Research states that a 12-16week resistance training program can increase bone density and levels of osteocalcin up to 19%!
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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Reason #4 Why Lifting Ladies and Action 90 programs work so well for women and men who want to shed body fat & improve their lifestyles.
- Yes! Those who take part in a program that involves weight training will trigger some positive hormones that will have you making some positive food and lifestyle choices because your brain is HAPPY :-)
WHY? You are in a positive atmosphere, lifting weights, having fun and burning calories during and after training. This process has your brain throwing a huge happy party with its best friend's; endorphins, dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine....making you feel great!
Now that you're feeling great, you will be less tempted by the dark side to eat 45 mini cookies at supersonic speed and more tempted to look for something healthy.
A positive change WILL occur!
NUTRITION = is taught in our A90 programs, and is also a stand alone program for those who need nutrition help via our "Nutrition Prescription".
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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Reason #3 Why Lifting Ladies and Action 90 programs work so well for women and men who want to shed body fat.
Proper weight training and lifting weights will increase the number of calories you burn, EVEN after you leave the gym!
HOW? After your weight training session, your body must recover and repair the damaged muscle tissue you broke down during training (more on this process later). During this process you are using up calories to help with repair and growth, hence more caloric burn. Now your newly repaired muscles remember the workout session prior and increase their capacity to do work; now your burning calories faster, without training from your new hungry muscles!
Plus those lift weights will have a increased fat burning rate compared to those who do not.
Research states weight training can increase your caloric burn for up to 40+hrs AFTER your workout.
SO get your butts into the gym and learn to weight train from our fully certified trainers and kinesiologists!

Friday, December 09, 2011

Reason #2 Why Lifting Ladies and Action 90 programs work so well for women and men who want to shed body fat.
Reseach shows, between the ages 30 and 50 the body starts to waist away losing muscle, and replacing it with visceral fat (fat that is around the organs) and subcutaneous fat (fat just under our skin). This is how someone can stay the same weight (from musc...le loss) and look like crap in their clothes (from added V & S fat).
1lb of fat will takes up 17-19% more space on your body than hard earned muscle! This is why your clothes will fit better :-)
- Some of you starting a weight training program will complain of your clothes getting tighter....GOOD! That means it's working! The muscle is being trained and repairning itself, pushing onto the S-Fat on that sits on top of of the muscle. Most people quit at this stage thinking, "I get huge when I lift weights!" This is a myth ladies and gentelmen!
Train our style for 90days....& BAM S-Fat is gone, V-Fat is lowered and your clothes...ahhhh slipping on like Cinderella's slipper :-)
SO lift weights People....let us show you how!
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For the next 10 days I will give 1 reason per day why our Lifting Ladies and Action 90 programs work so well for women & men wanting to shed body fat!
#1 LIFT WEIGHTS.....then right way!
-you will lose 40% more pure fat, than doing cardio alone.
-Why? Doing just cardio will burn fat yes, but only for a certain time. After a while the body will start to use muscle for you will loose mu...scle. Yes your scale will drop, but so will your skin. I will not even get into the crappy mood swings!
-Lifting weights will help to burn pure fat!
-Lifting weights will raise your met rate for hours after a workout session, burning more fat!
-We train the muscles to get HUNGRY, to use fat for fuel, even after you train.
-Having this new strength from lifting weights will boost your cardio levels, taking your cardiovascular system to new levels!....again burning more fat!
-Plus you will simply look dam good! We are all after that!