Thursday, October 20, 2016

Loving these Greens by #udoschoice *Digestion is vital when it comes to making gains in the gym and fat loss! Think about it, if you cannot properly assimilate nutrients how are you to grow, drop fat or properly recover from daily stress & training? If your digestion is poor you will be inflamed most of the time, in a chronically stressed state. One day bloated, the next day sore joints, next day sitting on the toilet all day, the next day dehydrated....big list here! If you start to get your nutrition on track and hydration on point digestion can improve fast! Adding in a greens drink like Udo's gives you bonus fiber in both soluble and insoluble, plus has a prebiotic blend to aid in digestion and assimilation👍🏼 additionally great for those veggie haters👌🏼So get your digestion game on point and start seeing progress! #actionconditioning #builtataction #greens #greensdrink #digestion #nutrition #macros #micros #udos #health #fatloss #musclegain #muscle @actionconditioning

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